Naked cake

For Anyone With Middle Age Birthday Blues

The day I sort of dreaded has come and gone like that second language exam I feared so much as a school-going girl growing up in Singapore. I prepared myself for it as best as I could and on the day itself there were the same mixed feelings: clammy hands, […]

swim cake

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes–Mini cakes are life-changing. In the same way I regained years from not stressing myself draping nearly every cake in a blanket of rolled fondant. I can’t believe I used to think fondant was the only way to add any real ‘oomph’ to my cakes! […]

Where’s Wally? Cake

Where’s Wally? Cake In my head I’ve always imagined funny English man, Martin Handford, creator of the ingenious Where’s Wally? ‘seek and find’ series of detailed double-page spread illustrations, to be a most eccentric personality with a wicked British humour to match. How else could an illustration artist dream up […]