Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Bread recipe

Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf

“Making the case for the best flavours combined in a neat package that will satisfy anyone who misses Asia for home itself or that unforgettable getaway you keep dreaming of..” Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf–I love the simplicity of this recipe loaded with generous helpings of spirited Asian flavours […]

swim cake

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes–Mini cakes are life-changing. In the same way I regained years from not stressing myself draping nearly every cake in a blanket of rolled fondant. I can’t believe I used to think fondant was the only way to add any real ‘oomph’ to my cakes! […]

paperweight tutorial

DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks

DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks OMG. A great expression to use if you’re still young enough to get what it means when you’ve pounced on a good thing at the shops, such as this contact paper obviously aimed at the Internet Generation or in short—angsty teens. Maybe even those older […]

Homemade Yee Sang/Yu Sheng for Lo Hei

Lo Hei / Yu Sheng Salmon Sashimi Salad for Lunar New Year

Lo Hei / Yu Sheng Salmon Sashimi Salad – Gong Xi Fai Cai & Gong Hei Fatt Choy! As you may have heard (if you don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year) the Chinese-Asians are ringing in the Year of the Rooster this 2017 starting from 28th of January,last Saturday. In […]

Jessica Hogarth paper

Streets of Paper Houses: A Papercraft Project

Streets of Paper Houses: A Papercraft Project With its huddled blocks of wonky,brown stone houses lined with quirky windows and mysterious iron-clad verandahs, it’s a dream street, if say, you were cartoon folk. Every once in a while I fall head over heels with a paper pad. One that truly […]

christmas cake

Rest, Reflect and Re-boot for the New Year in 2017

The perfect time to re-invent ourselves is in the new year, where so much latent potential lies. If only we believed in ourselves instead of just dreaming it. Hello and welcome back from the Christmas chaos! Hope you’ve had the best Christmas. If not, there’s always a whole year to […]

Christmas paper bag

Christmas Paper Bag/Paper Santa’s Sack Craft Tutorial

This ‘paper santa’s sack’ tutorial is a fabulous antidote for my ‘wrapping paper fatigue’. Yep, I thought it was time to finally use up all that wrapping paper from previous Christmases that we still had in the attic. I know it can’t just be me. Don’t we crafty sorts always […]

2017 advent calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar 2017

Seasons Greetings! Can’t quite believe that by now the kids have already opened their 2nd advent calendar surprise! It’s that time of year again where we’re scrambling to get our act together and ready for the 25th which is too soon for anyone who is a DIY-er! So much hunting, […]