Easter Bunny Marshmallows at home

DIY Homemade Easter Bunny Marshmallows Recipe

{DIY Homemade Easter Bunny Marshmallows Recipe} I do love baking up beautiful delicate cakes and pastries but homemade sweet treats like marshmallows are my new go-to for a fresh take on dessert to present and serve to guests. Not only do they never fail to please the young and old […]

DIY felt board letters

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard–As an avid felt board adopter last year since I became hooked on just another way to express myself, it’s with jitters of unbridled excitement that I present this idea. How would you like to spruce up those rather static plastic felt board letters just […]

Naked Cakes book review

Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review

Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review — The last page of this stylish cake-entertaining book sums it up so aptly. “Every cake deserves a pedestal— it adds a sense of grandeur and occasion”. Naked Cakes author and stylist Lyndel Miller has managed to combine recipes for her swoon-worthy cakes […]

Naked cake

For Anyone With Middle Age Birthday Blues

The day I sort of dreaded has come and gone like that second language exam I feared so much as a school-going girl growing up in Singapore. I prepared myself for it as best as I could and on the day itself there were the same mixed feelings: clammy hands, […]