rainbow (orange cream cheese) icing recipe outofman.com

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe–Hey there. I want to apologise for how lonely this blog space has been as I soldier on to finish editing my first book (it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise) and (drum roll…)took time off this space to launch my stationery and design emporium! If you love… Read more »

Be Brave About Your Dreams outofman.com

Are You Brave With Your Dreams In 2018

{Are You Brave With Your Dreams In 2018?}Hi and Happy New Year! “There was a time when we had thought that happiness depended on courage and hard work, but realised ‘making good things happen’ is still best when something was done with passion and calling.” It’s often hard to understand the particulars of a challenging… Read more »

Matcha Latte (warm) recipe

Matcha Latte / Green Tea Latte recipe

{Matcha Latte / Green Tea Latte recipe} Hi, if you’re reading this, thank you for stopping by my cosy little place. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but it’s a bit eclectic over here. Is anything that’s aimed at creatives any less than? Or, if you’re trawling through the online galaxy trying to find inspiration,… Read more »

Traveler's Notebook journal page #3 outofman.com

Why Journalling Enhances Your Health, Creativity And Well-Being

Why Journalling Enhances Your Health, Creativity And Well-Being Today I came across a quote by Henry Dobson which will qualify as one of those I’d like to tuck beneath my arm and ponder about as I go. Actually Henry (if he were still around) might be one of those guys you might deliberately avoid for… Read more »

Handmade 'vintage envelopes'

Handmade Vintage Envelope with Tension Seal Craft Tutorial

As a lover of all things vintage it should come as no wonder that I’ve just amassed a new collection to my list: actual vintage or vintage-lookalike stationery. With my new initiation into the world of Traveler’s Notebook (formerly the Midori Traveler’s Notebook), my new craze for the Japanese-designed, Thai-assembled leather TN journal by the… Read more »

DIY craft on maximising a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper outofman.com

How To Maximise, Utilise & Recycle 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper

How To Maximise, Utilise & Recycle 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper – Spring is finally here and what better way to begin a new season of blog posts here than to kick it off with this one on minimising paper wastage! In the spirit of spring-cleaning your craft supplies in addition to re-using, re-cycling and… Read more »

Strawberry Basil Cake by outofman.com

Strawberry Basil Cake Recipe

{Strawberry Basil Cake Recipe} While strawberries are known to make the loveliest summer treat for those in the northern hemisphere, it just so happens that our lovely Aussie winter produces one of the finest strawberry seasons. This winter has us enjoying one of the best bumper crops (we’ve ever seen) of this romantic-looking heart-shaped fruit… Read more »

good morning towel tray

Good Morning Towel handcrafted tray: reader contribution

{Good Morning Towel handcrafted tray} On today’s post I can’t wait to show you a picture of the famously kitsch and iconic ‘Good Morning Towel’ made into an exquisite wooden serving tray. No, I hadn’t made it (I wish I did!) but it was sent to me by a very kind reader, Rachael O’Connor, who… Read more »

kids at beach www.outofman.com

Finding Our True Calling : Rated PG (Parental Guidance)

Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement {Finding Our True Calling : Rated PG (Parental Guidance)}. I know I’ve had a great vacation, though brief, when I woke up yesterday all set to get back to my daily hustle. It feels good to be back at doing… Read more »

Hello Kitty cookies

Make Hello Kitty Cookies! Vanilla Cookies Recipe

{Make Hello Kitty Cookies! Vanilla Cookies Recipe}. Crunch. Mmmmnnn…it’s a scrumptious Hello Kitty cookies kind of baking day using one of my favourite golden syrup vanilla cookies recipe. Today as one of our school holiday food making adventures, I had great fun with my little wombats re-creating Hello Kitty cookies I last made a long,… Read more »

  • embroidered art hanging outofman.com

    Turn Photos Into Embroidered Photo Portraits – Stitched Photo Tutorial

    {Turn Photos Into Embroidered Photo Portraits – DIY Craft Tutorial}-Hope everyone is swell! I’ve not been blogging much lately due to crazy commitments in freelance writing and I’m on the verge of finishing a manuscript I’ve been working on for years!June has also been a mad, mad month of birthdays in my family and we’ve… Read more »

  • Oekaki Renaissance embroidered stag design

    Unleash Your Inner Artist With Free Motion Embroidery Using the Oekaki Renaissance

    [Unleash Your Inner Artist With Free Motion Embroidery Using the Oekaki Renaissance} – I’m sorry for my tiny bit of radio silence on this space. I’ve been busy. Writing and editing manuscripts on tight deadlines is no mean feat. During the pauses in between there’s my new thing; sewing. Yes, ma—if you are reading this(P.S…. Read more »

  • Ice Kachang Singapore

    Ice Kachang / Shaved Iced Rainbow Dessert Recipe

    {Ice Kachang / Shaved Iced Rainbow Dessert Recipe} I love autumn because it has to be the most appetising season of all! It’s when we start slowing down and making time to linger in the way we prepare and enjoy our food. As the home chef I love bringing to the dinner table the best… Read more »

  • Free Mother's Day Card printable

    Free Printable Mother’s Day Card / A5 Size

    {Free printable Mother’s Day Card / A5 Size} Whoppsy-daisy as my own daughter would quip—t’s nearly Mother’s Day! For me this always means I’ll need to send both my mum and mum-in-law a nice card each around the first week of May as they both live in Singapore 🙁 Well, aren’t you blessed if your… Read more »

  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin outofman.com

    12 Ways You Could Be Much Happier: The Happiness Project

    {12 Ways You Could Be Much Happier: The Happiness Project} I discovered The Happiness Project quite by chance. Hardly surprisingly, during shopping. For stationery, of course, not books, as one might expect. Only because I happen to be shopping at one of my favourite stores, kikki.K, a retail boutique of beautiful designer stationery. Also a… Read more »

  • Easter Bunny Marshmallows at home

    DIY Homemade Easter Bunny Marshmallows Recipe

    {DIY Homemade Easter Bunny Marshmallows Recipe} I do love baking up beautiful delicate cakes and pastries but homemade sweet treats like marshmallows are my new go-to for a fresh take on dessert to present and serve to guests. Not only do they never fail to please the young and old alike, marshmallows are so elegant… Read more »

  • DIY felt board letters

    DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard

    DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard–As an avid felt board adopter last year since I became hooked on just another way to express myself, it’s with jitters of unbridled excitement that I present this idea. How would you like to spruce up those rather static plastic felt board letters just a little without hardly spending… Read more »

  • Naked Cakes book review

    Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review

    Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review — The last page of this stylish cake-entertaining book sums it up so aptly. “Every cake deserves a pedestal— it adds a sense of grandeur and occasion”. Naked Cakes author and stylist Lyndel Miller has managed to combine recipes for her swoon-worthy cakes with party tips on adding… Read more »

  • Naked cake

    For Anyone With Middle Age Birthday Blues

    The day I sort of dreaded has come and gone like that second language exam I feared so much as a school-going girl growing up in Singapore. I prepared myself for it as best as I could and on the day itself there were the same mixed feelings: clammy hands, cold sweat, somewhat dreadful apprehension… Read more »

  • Mango smoothie by outofman.com

    The Joys of A Stick Blender Are Real:Mango Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe

    The Joys of A Stick Blender Are Real:Mango Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe–If the only thing standing between you and loading up more veggies and fruit in your diet has been the daunting thought of consuming all that bulk, a simpler way is to start going bottoms up. No, not quite what you might be thinking,… Read more »