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“She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
– Genesis 2:23

Kat Ngoi
Kat Ngoi

Hello I’m Kat, I live Down Under in the city of Brisbane in tropical Queensland with my 3 babies. (one is actually an adult male and the other two are tiny people who seem to grow too quickly especially when fed.)

This space began way back (before it was OUT OF MAN) for my ‘decompressing’ and sharing of creative projects so I’m sorry if the earliest posts are pretty old, or have any dodgy-looking photos (from the pre-iPhone, pre-digital SLR days) or just might sound out of whack from my new voice which I only discovered when I became a writer. You’ve been warned.

Here’s where I try to connect with the world (and my family who lives 7 hours away by plane) in addition to writing freelance which can be lonely!

A long time ago a life-changing diagnosis steered me towards my creative calling and escapades (writing, baking and crafting) as my way to heal and practice mindfulness.

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve entered remission from cancer and I thank God that I continue to enjoy a great life. What hasn’t changed is my commitment to allocating time to my creative pursuits and today I appreciate being able to share them with so many wonderful people I’ve met online.

I truly believe that if you’re someone who loves to make things with your own hands, engaging with your creativity will always take you to your happy place where you can unwind from life.

This is where I’ve ‘found my happy’ and where I share it.

Don’t forget to share and keep it going if you liked something here. Thanks for letting me share and for stopping by.

xx Kat Ngoi

Kat Ngoi outofman.com
Kat Ngoi

Kat Ngoi is a writer, serial entrepreneur and maker with a background in marketing communications and public relations. A few years ago she finally dived more into her creative interests while recuperating as a ‘recovering chef and restauranteur’ of BARANG, a Southeast Asian restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. OUT OF MAN is the result of her continuing creative odyssey. Kat was born in Singapore and now lives in Brisbane with her husband (whom she calls ‘gifted in numbers’) and their two tiny and adorable wombats on steroids. Connect with her at outofman@gmail.com or FOLLOW ON:

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