Prodigal Daughter of Singapore

Yesterday we farewelled an irreplaceable leader and a remarkable man in a league of his own. I am the prodigal daughter who hasn’t been living in Singapore for the past 15 years. In the past week, mourning for Mr Lee Kuan Yew with fellow Singaporeans reminded me of a dreaded […]

A Poem For Mr Lee Kuan Yew

A Poem For Mr Lee Kuan Yew In sorrow he has gone But not in despair His legacy carved in a nations’ heart Not upon tombs In every son of Singapore A repressed knowledge that he’ll not return A feeling of loss towards the past and the future Like poignant […]

F1 The One Formula To Make Billions

I’ve never followed the F1 nor bothered much about all its brouhaha. I mostly had better things to do, eat and watch than participate in what I’ve always thought was more of a rowdy circus wrought with dramatic excesses and drunken revelry and not forgetting all that waste of good […]

The Importance Of Reading Ernest

The Importance Of Reading Ernest is a list of some of my reviews and my top 6 picks of the best Hemingway novels to include in your Bucket List for reading. Before I start, let me just say that I wonder aloud here why so many are predisposed to disliking […]

Thinking Of Starting A Gourmet Food Truck?

It’s easy to see why younger entrepreneurs are tempted into starting the business of the moment–trendy food trucks invading our city footpaths and obsessing every foodie in town–yes, I do mean one of those ubiquitous retro-style vans airbrushed with edgy graphics in the style of artist Damien Hirst and peddling […]

Ditching Camping For GLAMPING

Ditching Camping For GLAMPING I fantasise about being a morning person, stretching awake and rising to steal the first crack of dawn before the sun has bathed the morning in its golden glow. Waking up to the aroma of strong coffee being poured and a stoked wood-fire to keep warm […]

Nocturnes – Kazuo Ishiguro

Nocturnes,Kazuo Ishiguro – A Review by Kat Ngoi NOCTURNES, internationally-acclaimed writer Kazuo Ishiguro’s (best known for his masterpiece The Remains of the Day) first collection of short stories after volumes of award-winning novels, leaves you pining like a lost lover for what you wish were happier endings and perhaps most […]

How To Stay Married For Life

How To Stay Married For Life was my personal open letter published on one of my Facebook posts last year on our 16th anniversary. Always a wonderful reminder to treasure the blessing of marriage. Happy 17th Anniversary to my dear husband Chris. An open letter to my husband of 16 […]

The Exhaustion Of Parenthood

I found this on my old blog, a post entitled ‘The Exhaustion Of Parenthood’, posted when the wombats were either toothless or still hobbling in drunken unsteadiness in toddler form. I thought it to be such an endearing memory of those early and difficult years. Too beautiful a memory not […]