Gardens By The Bay

No Place On Earth Like Gardens By The Bay Singapore

There’s no place on earth quite like Gardens By The Bay Singapore, as we’ve discovered on our last trip back to the little red dot. Yet our accidental discovery of Singapore’s most iconic tourist attraction was nearly thwarted by Plan A; the zoo. An unusually sweltering day was to thank […]

7 Ways To Find Your Creative Mojo

7 Ways To Find Your Creative Mojo When you’re a creative person, finding inspiration everyday comes easily. Or, not? For many of us, whether we’re a stitcher, yarnie, paperist, upcyclist, crafter, writer, musician, artist, sculptor, calligrapher, baker, photographer, stylist or designer—sometimes finding our inspiration goes out the window at times […]

Eating Vietnamese In Brisbane

I don’t normally include many food reviews on this site as…I’m not that kind of blog and don’t pretend to be. I like to discover places to eat preferably with extra tidbits or some story to tell and unless I’ve discovered a food and beverage retail establishment particularly novel, interesting, […]

chilli crab Singapore's most iconic dish

Singapore Celebrates Chilli Crab as National Iconic Dish

Chilli Crab – A Singapore Icon: Singapore Celebrates Chilli Crab as National Iconic Dish by Kat Ngoi Just as the Brits have their fish and chips and the Aussies, their meat pies, Singapore’s Chilli Crab is undoubtedly our national dish of gastronomic pride. Like our humble kampong beginnings, who could’ve […]

Vacation in Singapore

Vacation=Vacate=leave (a place that one previously occupied) I apologise for my long hiatus on this blog. I’m ‘home’ away from home.I’m on vacation in Singapore and I’ve been busy. Busy eating. Busy watching. Busy hearing. Busy learning. Busy just savouring every taste, sensation and emotion with as much enhanced pleasure […]

Chronicles Of The Good Morning Towel

Chronicles Of The Good Morning Towel – by Kat Ngoi There’s a fine line between treasure trove and junkyard status when it comes to forgotten items of old that qualify as museum relics. To many Singaporeans, the extraordinary Good Morning towel is designated to be treasured. Synonymous with the bygone […]

Real Mothers Day Cards

I can’t quite decide if this is one of my ‘Make Art’ craft posts, ‘Write’ or ‘Think’ posts. So I guess it’s going to be all three. It’s Mothers Day this Sunday and it’s that time of year like Christmas when you ponder in your heart what would be some […]

Shiok! for non-native speakers of Singlish

by Kat Ngoi Singlish. More than a derivative of English to describe colloquialism in Singapore, it’s become an intriguing cultural phenomenon to the rest of the English-speaking world attracting a mix of both surprise and amusement. Foreigners who visit or have just settled in Singapore may notice the strange way […]