Japanese Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger

When people think of burger nights at home, it’s fast food—either the kind that doesn’t involve much preparation and goes from freezer to plate within minutes or better still, is preferably collected in a bag through a hole in the wall. Not to sound like a burger Nazi, but in […]

Grilled Spicy Otak-Otak

For a ‘Nasi Lemak loving’ household, the fine accompaniment of skinny envelopes of folded banana leaves encased with hot spicy grilled otak-otak grew to be a natural staple of our home menu over time. The reason I hadn’t added otak-otak to our Barang menu had been simple:in 2007 Brisbane wasn’t […]

You Tiao (Deep-fried Dough Fritters)

My memories of ‘You Tiao’ (Chinese; literally ‘oil strips’) are steeped in my childhood in Singapore. Sweet recollections of lazy breakfasts on weekend mornings at the busy hawker centres usually adjacent to the wet markets where mum had just done her food shopping. We were a family who loved our […]

Onde-Onde (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls)

Onde-Onde (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls) Few Asian desserts bring me home like ‘Onde-Onde’—I call it ‘Own-Day-Own-Day’ (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls). The name has Malay origins and has different variations in different parts of Southeast Asia. ‘Ondeh-Ondeh’ is a spelling variation but refers to the same kuih or kueh as known […]

Barbecue Pork Bun

Barbecue Pork Bun/Char Siu Bao (Cantonese)/Char Shao Bao(Mandarin) It was a best-seller at our restaurant Barang when we had our all-day yum cha specials. It wasn’t unusual to find a group of Aussies tucking into our BBQ Pork buns late into Friday and Saturday nights past 9pm, washed down with […]

Durian Puff

Chances are, if you wrinkle and scrunch up your nose on catching a whiff of its pungent aroma, you’re not a fan of what they call ‘stinky spikes’, or as we call it in Asia, (drum roll please) The KING of fruits…the mighty DURIAN. Depending on which camp you belong […]