Assam Laksa

Few dishes can evoke that ‘mouth-watering’ reflex like the powerful stimuli of sweet-sour broth from a steaming bowl of tangy, spicy, fishy Assam Laksa aka Penang Laksa. Its origins are unsurprisingly from the culture of all mouth-watering creations–Peranakan (Straits-Chinese). Assam Laksa is a spicy and tangy fish broth of thick […]


Gado-Gado is Indonesia’s take on Singapore’s ‘rojak’—a medley of boiled vegetables comprising commonly of string beans, cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage and potatoes with firm beancurd slices and hard boiled eggs tossed into a salad drizzled generously with a piquant peanut sauce dressing. The star rating for this boils down to […]

Mee Siam

Just saying its name alone induces the reflex of salivation and drives our tastebuds mad with craving. That tangy sourness coupled with sweet yet savoury with every slurp of spicy Mee Siam dripping with a robust gravy made of prawns, sour tamarind, taucheo (fermented soya bean paste) and a rempah […]