Christmas Reindeer Pennant Flag

I do love flags as I do banners but I love, love, love most of all, bunting in its full festive happy glory! Oh those colourful triangular little flags hanging and stretching across from point to point like a smile, billowing and beckoning in the breeze on a clear summer’s […]

Scandinavian Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What did I say about the crazy weather here. We’ve gone from arctic last week to desert heat wave mode at a blazing 35 degrees today! It’s still spring in here? What’s summer going to be! I reckon it’s now dangerous even to collect the […]

Fabric Cactus

While cocooned at home like an oversized baby bundled and swathed under layers of fleece with one too many steaming cups of lemon-ginger-honey tea, I decided it was time to get up and make. Yes I’m nursing what you’d call the winter flu, but the inner me who can never […]

Mr Men Softies

Make Your Own Mr Men Softies I love Mr Men almost as much as my kids do. It’s definitely one of those children’s library classics with a special place in my early childhood reading memories. My mum bought me Mr Men books back then in the eighties and now I’ve […]