Good grief, A Charlie Brown Party

Charlie Brown Party You know the drill.  You’re married for a day and you can’t escape the relentless probing of “When”.  Unlike normal women (it seems!), I was never really sure about motherhood. Good grief! A Charlie Brown Party Good grief. Last week our sweet baboo of a girl turned […]

Beyond Valentine’s Day: 44 Best Love Quotes

Real love goes beyond this one day in a year. Taking the effort to surprise your loved one on special days such as Valentine’s is sweet but it’s going the extra mile to incorporate little surprises, cards, notes and planning thoughtful dates on the rest of the days of the […]

Eating Vietnamese In Brisbane

I don’t normally include many food reviews on this site as…I’m not that kind of blog and don’t pretend to be. I like to discover places to eat preferably with extra tidbits or some story to tell and unless I’ve discovered a food and beverage retail establishment particularly novel, interesting, […]

Christmas Is Over But…

HAPPY TWENTY SIXTEEN! While Christmas is over but…it’s still the most wonderful time of the year as we toast to the arrival of new beginnings and a chance for everyone to ‘get it right’ this year! Before I begin the new year’s posts I thought I should do a quick […]

How To Start Living Intentionally In 2016

Another three more sleeps and the bell tolls for the new reign of twenty sixteen. For many of us it’s a welcome and long-awaited arrival after having been swept up in a hurricane of events around the world, at home (on a personal level) or even at work that seem […]

Adults Are Colouring To Save Their Life

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s gratifying to get official confirmation that not outgrowing your love for colouring books since four doesn’t mean you’re a crazy person (Mum, are you reading this??) In fact, it could possibly improve your mental and psychiatric health, hence it’s now hailed to be THE […]

Vacation in Singapore

Vacation=Vacate=leave (a place that one previously occupied) I apologise for my long hiatus on this blog. I’m ‘home’ away from home.I’m on vacation in Singapore and I’ve been busy. Busy eating. Busy watching. Busy hearing. Busy learning. Busy just savouring every taste, sensation and emotion with as much enhanced pleasure […]

The Big Deal Of Kids Missing School

I know some parents in my circles who suffer from vacation guilt whether it was pre-vacation, on-vacation or post-vacation and especially when they have to take their kids out of class lessons and out of school during the school term. I understand. We do live in some of the most […]