Charlie Brown & Peanuts Gang themed party

Photo Gallery of our Charlie Brown & Peanuts Gang themed party: When I couldn’t find many Peanuts-themed party decorations I loved, I decided I’ll make my own! The party hats, Charlie Brown cutouts (made using my Cricut machine), sticker labels on the bubble bottles were all handmade, including the food […]

Christmas Advent Calendar

Growing up in Asia meant advent calendars weren’t as popular as a Christmas tradition like they are in the West. I don’t think I truly appreciated their significance until I moved to Oz, had children of my own and subsequently began this beautiful ancient tradition in my own family at […]

Handmade Kids’ Hair Clips

Handmade Kids’ Hair Clips (using Alligator Clips) If I hadn’t learnt how to make hair accessories for my little girl, I probably would’ve spent a fortune acquiring her impressive collection of hairbands, hair clips,hair ties and assorted hair paraphernalia. From the time she was a baby, I’ve loved to accessorise […]

Mr Men Softies

Make Your Own Mr Men Softies I love Mr Men almost as much as my kids do. It’s definitely one of those children’s library classics with a special place in my early childhood reading memories. My mum bought me Mr Men books back then in the eighties and now I’ve […]