Be Brave About Your Dreams

Are You Brave With Your Dreams In 2018

{Are You Brave With Your Dreams In 2018?}Hi and Happy New Year! “There was a time when we had thought that happiness depended on courage and hard work, but realised ‘making good things happen’ is still best when something was done with passion and calling.” It’s often hard to understand […]

chilli crab Singapore's most iconic dish

Singapore Celebrates Chilli Crab as National Iconic Dish

Chilli Crab – A Singapore Icon: Singapore Celebrates Chilli Crab as National Iconic Dish by Kat Ngoi Just as the Brits have their fish and chips and the Aussies, their meat pies, Singapore’s Chilli Crab is undoubtedly our national dish of gastronomic pride. Like our humble kampong beginnings, who could’ve […]

Chronicles Of The Good Morning Towel

Chronicles Of The Good Morning Towel – by Kat Ngoi There’s a fine line between treasure trove and junkyard status when it comes to forgotten items of old that qualify as museum relics. To many Singaporeans, the extraordinary Good Morning towel is designated to be treasured. Synonymous with the bygone […]

Shiok! for non-native speakers of Singlish

by Kat Ngoi Singlish. More than a derivative of English to describe colloquialism in Singapore, it’s become an intriguing cultural phenomenon to the rest of the English-speaking world attracting a mix of both surprise and amusement. Foreigners who visit or have just settled in Singapore may notice the strange way […]

F1 The One Formula To Make Billions

I’ve never followed the F1 nor bothered much about all its brouhaha. I mostly had better things to do, eat and watch than participate in what I’ve always thought was more of a rowdy circus wrought with dramatic excesses and drunken revelry and not forgetting all that waste of good […]

Ditching Camping For GLAMPING

Ditching Camping For GLAMPING I fantasise about being a morning person, stretching awake and rising to steal the first crack of dawn before the sun has bathed the morning in its golden glow. Waking up to the aroma of strong coffee being poured and a stoked wood-fire to keep warm […]

Barang Restaurant Review, Brisbane News

Seven years later after this review was published and not a day goes by without me feeling grateful that we had one of the biggest adventures in the hospitality business (besides the Tea Bar) before the wombats arrived and it had been a blast indeed. The busiest time for our […]