Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream

Thank God for the saner winter days lately that are more characteristic of our usual Brissie winter. Hopefully it’s ‘adios’ to the cold snap that overtook our lives a couple of weeks ago. I was frozen into a stupor mostly and had found it hard to think or function normally, […]

ANZAC Biscuit Chocolate Ice-cream Sandwich Crunch

Every April 25 we celebrate Australia’s most imperative national event to mark the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The soldiers of the ANZAC forces in this war are today known as the ANZACs, the ultimate […]

Durian Ice-Cream

Its pong. I love it. Others flee from it or duck to take cover when its unmistakable aroma wafts through the air (I drop whatever I’m doing and run towards it). That aroma arrests you—so that you smell it even before you can see it—such is the commanding presence of […]

Vietnamese Coffee Ice-Cream

Are you just mad for coffee? I always am and I love many different styles of coffee. Ever since we gave up the cafe and restaurant, I’ve been missing my endless lattes. I use a Nespresso these days (yes I know, sacrilegious considering my hubby and I are qualified, trained […]

Green Tea Ice-cream

One of the most painful things about my moving away from Asia must be having to pine for all things made of Green Tea, or ‘Matcha’, from the most exquisitely crafted sweet matcha wagashi (Japanese confectionery) to iced green tea ‘frappucinos’. But yet none of these really makes me homesick […]