Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches

Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches I recently gave one drab-looking light switch the ultimate makeover. As the wildly successful de-cluttering book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo puts it, when an object in our home no longer sparks joy any longer, it’s high time to ditch it. Well, […]

Christmas Advent Calendar

Growing up in Asia meant advent calendars weren’t as popular as a Christmas tradition like they are in the West. I don’t think I truly appreciated their significance until I moved to Oz, had children of my own and subsequently began this beautiful ancient tradition in my own family at […]

Christmas Reindeer Pennant Flag

I do love flags as I do banners but I love, love, love most of all, bunting in its full festive happy glory! Oh those colourful triangular little flags hanging and stretching across from point to point like a smile, billowing and beckoning in the breeze on a clear summer’s […]

Scandinavian Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What did I say about the crazy weather here. We’ve gone from arctic last week to desert heat wave mode at a blazing 35 degrees today! It’s still spring in here? What’s summer going to be! I reckon it’s now dangerous even to collect the […]

Chalkboard Inspiration Board Tutorial

I love and have somewhat of a little obsession with boards. Chopping boards and paddle boards for my kitchen, cork boards and magnetic boards in every room in my house. But instead of using them to pin reminders and notices, I always seem to manage to turn most of them […]

Fabric Cactus

While cocooned at home like an oversized baby bundled and swathed under layers of fleece with one too many steaming cups of lemon-ginger-honey tea, I decided it was time to get up and make. Yes I’m nursing what you’d call the winter flu, but the inner me who can never […]

DIY Lightbox Letters!

Thanks to TYPO, which happens to be one of my favourite retail stores, the whole world is suddenly finding itself lusting after retro light boxes—easily one of this year’s most sought after ‘trending’ homewares. I wanted one for a while and had first coveted them way back at a few […]

DIY Cork board Mobile – In The Clouds Above

There are some childhood fantasies that never cease. Like living amongst the fluffy white clouds. Or travelling the world via hot air balloon, in my fantasy of Jules Verne’s ‘Around The World In 80 Days’, one of my favourite classic books of all time. Interestingly, unlike the film or book […]