Charlie Brown & Peanuts Gang themed party

Photo Gallery of our Charlie Brown & Peanuts Gang themed party: When I couldn’t find many Peanuts-themed party decorations I loved, I decided I’ll make my own! The party hats, Charlie Brown cutouts (made using my Cricut machine), sticker labels on the bubble bottles were all handmade, including the food […]

Mango Cake With Mango Buttercream

Would you believe we’re already past the first week of the new year! I hope you’ve all had a blast celebrating all things new and you’re still (like me) riding on the whole wave of feeling like the world is your oyster and you’re ready to take on just about […]

Strawberries & Cream Cake

The colour of love and the shape of a heart…at least to me, a hopeless romantic. Is there anything than speaks of romance in the spring more than this beautiful red bulb of a fruit? I love strawberries on its own and sometimes even with cream if slathered on pancakes […]

SG50 Happy Birthday Singapore Cupcakes

Happy 50th, Singapore. A nationwide momentous jubilee weekend celebration awaits everyone who will be in Singapore this weekend to help blow out its 50 red-and-white candles. One pictures Singaporeans in unison—regardless of race, language or religion, bowing their heads and shutting their eyes for just a moment, whispering a wish […]

Miette Tomboy Cake & Raspberry Buttercream

This is the cake that looked so good on its book cover that I had to try it as part of my Bucket List Bakes. Turns out that it is more work than it looks—which is deceivingly simple, sweet and innocent. The Miette Double Chocolate Cake recipe alongside its Raspberry […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cake

One of my biggest triumphs with my kids in the kitchen must’ve been this hysteria-causing rainbow layered cake. We baked it for their daddy as a show of our love and it was beyond a great hit for everyone present to share it. While I’m aware that great desserts can’t […]

Enchanted Garden Giant Cupcake

Enchanted Garden Giant Cupcake For my birthday this year I decided to make myself a cake that would remind me of my ‘happy place’ as a child. I long for the kind of innocence since lost to adulthood and having a worry-free skip in my walk that leaves me free […]

Summer Splash! fondant cake

With our balmy summer gone I’m hankering for a ‘no longer still-humid autumn’ but not holding my breath any time soon. That’s how resigned I am these days to the oddities of our Brisbane weather which could make me forget I’m no longer even in tropical Asia! A couple of […]