rainbow (orange cream cheese) icing recipe outofman.com

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe–Hey there. I want to apologise for how lonely this blog space has been as I soldier on to finish editing my first book (it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise) and (drum roll…)took time off this space to launch my stationery and […]

Strawberry Basil Cake by outofman.com

Strawberry Basil Cake Recipe

{Strawberry Basil Cake Recipe} While strawberries are known to make the loveliest summer treat for those in the northern hemisphere, it just so happens that our lovely Aussie winter produces one of the finest strawberry seasons. This winter has us enjoying one of the best bumper crops (we’ve ever seen) […]

Naked Cakes book review

Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review

Lyndel Miller – Naked Cakes book review — The last page of this stylish cake-entertaining book sums it up so aptly. “Every cake deserves a pedestal— it adds a sense of grandeur and occasion”. Naked Cakes author and stylist Lyndel Miller has managed to combine recipes for her swoon-worthy cakes […]

Naked cake

For Anyone With Middle Age Birthday Blues

The day I sort of dreaded has come and gone like that second language exam I feared so much as a school-going girl growing up in Singapore. I prepared myself for it as best as I could and on the day itself there were the same mixed feelings: clammy hands, […]

swim cake

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes–Mini cakes are life-changing. In the same way I regained years from not stressing myself draping nearly every cake in a blanket of rolled fondant. I can’t believe I used to think fondant was the only way to add any real ‘oomph’ to my cakes! […]

strawberry chocolate cake

Strawberry Chocolate Cake with Basil

As we bid winter farewell, this Strawberry Chocolate Cake with Basil is perfect for ushering spring and to make the most of our bumper strawberry season. Moist and full of its naturally fruity punch, this delightful layered cake has a few surprises in store. I’ve adapted it slightly from its […]

chocolate drizzled drip cake

How To Colour White Chocolate

How to colour white chocolate — Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a grand cake especially when it’s your own birthday! In our house of Lim, we unashamedly make every occasion about cake and take every opportunity to flaunt our cake adoration : ) There’s four of us so I […]

Cake Art

It’s for those who’ve got a cake hankering that just won’t go away and for bakers who don’t take themselves too seriously “Age is a seasoned trickster. To our parents, we will always be children. Within ourselves, the same yearnings of youth; the same aspirations of adolescence, will last a […]

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake Recipe

“if the world’s most upset people would take a bite of anything chocolate as a ‘timeout’ to calm their seething rage, perhaps they’ll plop down in a heap or curl up in a foetal position as they tear their hair out and cry hot tears of relief that something in […]