SG50 Happy Birthday Singapore Cupcakes

Happy 50th, Singapore. A nationwide momentous jubilee weekend celebration awaits everyone who will be in Singapore this weekend to help blow out its 50 red-and-white candles. One pictures Singaporeans in unison—regardless of race, language or religion, bowing their heads and shutting their eyes for just a moment, whispering a wish […]

Disney Frozen Cupcakes

Disney Frozen Cupcakes In the end it’s the feisty, maverick women who save the day instead of some hot-looking prince who by the way turns out to be a murderous despicable villainous love-rat. The best part is not having to kiss him or any other man as ‘an act of […]

10 Steps To Perfect Cupcakes

Perfect Cupcakes With no end to their rainbow combinations and distinctive flavours from coffee to passionfruit to green tea these days, you’ve gotta love cupcakes. There was a time when macarons and cake pops with their perfect mouthful sizes replaced cupcakes on cake stands as the ‘sweets of our moment’, […]

Where’s Wally? Cake

Where’s Wally? Cake In my head I’ve always imagined funny English man, Martin Handford, creator of the ingenious Where’s Wally? ‘seek and find’ series of detailed double-page spread illustrations, to be a most eccentric personality with a wicked British humour to match. How else could an illustration artist dream up […]

Fireman Sam inspired cake

I hardly know a little boy who doesn’t love fire engines or who doesn’t think ‘wow’ on meeting a fireman in his red and neon fireman turnout gear wearing his easily recognisable brimmed fireman helmet. A fireman is after all the archetypal hero, belonging to the same league as Superman, […]

Bathing Beauty cupcakes

Every now and then when it’s time for me to fully decompress, my thoughtful husband takes the kids for the day while I attend a day of pampering at my favourite day spa. The last blissful treatments I can’t stop dreaming about were a billabong footbath, followed by a full […]

Mr Men Cupcakes

Many of us were still kids ourselves when we first loved the collection of Mr Men characters created by Roger Hargreaves. Some of my best and first picks for my kids’ library had been two limited edition gift sets of MR HAPPY & FRIENDS and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE & FRIENDS […]

Wedding Cupcakes

Celebrate your love by taking a wedding or anniversary dessert from the ordinary to the extraordinary with the unique addition of your caricatures! These almost 3-D bride and groom profiles are fully sculptured from tinted fondant and gum paste. A couple in love who’s truly meant to be have those […]