2017 advent calendar outofman.com

Christmas Advent Calendar 2017

Seasons Greetings! Can’t quite believe that by now the kids have already opened their 2nd advent calendar surprise! It’s that time of year again where we’re scrambling to get our act together and ready for the 25th which is too soon for anyone who is a DIY-er! So much hunting, […]

crafting paper succulents in pot

Crafting paper succulents and cacti

Crafting paper succulents and cacti – If you love greenery just like I do yet sadly haven’t been born with green thumbs, no biggie. Crafting your own paper succulents and cacti can still work wonders to enhance your work studio and home interiors. There’s so much to love about paper […]

Polymer Clay Jewellery outofman.com

Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

A few months ago I got myself into the groove of creating some Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery and it’s like falling in love all over again. That had been the last Easter season that had come and gone. I definitely reclaimed one of my first loves for handmade jewellery. There’s […]

Cactus bunting outofman.com

Cactus Bunting Craft Tutorial

Cactus Bunting Craft Tutorial I don’t know about you but I’m going to be forever in love with cactuses. On my last trip to Gardens By The Bay on our annual Singapore food-shopping-hugging-loved-ones holiday, I probably spent the most time at the cacti gardens wishing I could take them all […]

stamped cactus gift tags outofman.com

Stamped Cactus Gift Tags

Stamped Cactus Gift Tags This week I rejuvenated my lifelong love for the cactus which inspired a series of cactus-inspired paper crafts starting with these stamped cactus gift tags. It all happened when, to my great delight, I found my long-lost cactus juicer in my kitchen cabinets while doing a […]

Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches

Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches I recently gave one drab-looking light switch the ultimate makeover. As the wildly successful de-cluttering book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo puts it, when an object in our home no longer sparks joy any longer, it’s high time to ditch it. Well, […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Minc Foil Card

Have you got a card prepared for mum yet? We have just the solution in our Mother’s Day Giveaway to promote comments on our blog. Our readers seem shy and I’ve been trying to channel more comments to blog posts rather than messages via our Facebook page! Mother’s Day Giveaway: […]

Easter Egg Dress Ups!

Happy Easter! Not to make you jealous but as we just got back recharged and rejuvenated from our beach getaway (to celebrate my recent birthday) I’ve barely had time to dye our eggs this year! Before Easter is over (there’s still Easter Monday left tomorrow!)I wanted to quickly post how […]

Handmade Valentine Cards With Love…

Making Handmade Valentine Cards With Love… Real love goes beyond this one day in a year. Taking the effort to surprise your loved one on special days such as Valentine’s is sweet but it’s going the extra mile to incorporate little surprises, cards, notes and planning thoughtful dates on the […]