Handmade 'vintage envelopes'

Handmade Vintage Envelope with Tension Seal Craft Tutorial

As a lover of all things vintage it should come as no wonder that I’ve just amassed a new collection to my list: actual vintage or vintage-lookalike stationery. With my new initiation into the world of Traveler’s Notebook (formerly the Midori Traveler’s Notebook), my new craze for the Japanese-designed, Thai-assembled […]

DIY felt board letters

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard–As an avid felt board adopter last year since I became hooked on just another way to express myself, it’s with jitters of unbridled excitement that I present this idea. How would you like to spruce up those rather static plastic felt board letters just […]

paperweight tutorial

DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks

DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks OMG. A great expression to use if you’re still young enough to get what it means when you’ve pounced on a good thing at the shops, such as this contact paper obviously aimed at the Internet Generation or in short—angsty teens. Maybe even those older […]

Jessica Hogarth paper

Streets of Paper Houses: A Papercraft Project

Streets of Paper Houses: A Papercraft Project With its huddled blocks of wonky,brown stone houses lined with quirky windows and mysterious iron-clad verandahs, it’s a dream street, if say, you were cartoon folk. Every once in a while I fall head over heels with a paper pad. One that truly […]

Christmas paper bag

Christmas Paper Bag/Paper Santa’s Sack Craft Tutorial

This ‘paper santa’s sack’ tutorial is a fabulous antidote for my ‘wrapping paper fatigue’. Yep, I thought it was time to finally use up all that wrapping paper from previous Christmases that we still had in the attic. I know it can’t just be me. Don’t we crafty sorts always […]