Homemade Yee Sang/Yu Sheng for Lo Hei

Lo Hei / Yu Sheng Salmon Sashimi Salad for Lunar New Year

Lo Hei / Yu Sheng Salmon Sashimi Salad – Gong Xi Fai Cai & Gong Hei Fatt Choy! As you may have heard (if you don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year) the Chinese-Asians are ringing in the Year of the Rooster this 2017 starting from 28th of January,last Saturday. In […]

irvins Salted Fried Fish Skin

Singapore-style Salted Egg Sauce Recipe

I’ve just returned from my delicious Asian travels and this Singapore-style salted egg sauce recipe pays tribute to Singapore’s proclivity for faddish food trends. Though not entirely a brand-new craze, the humble salted egg has definitely enjoyed a status elevation. For the last couple of years or so it’s become […]

Homemade Yee Sang/Yu Sheng for Lo Hei

Make Your Own Yu Sheng – Lo Hei Recipe

Yu Sheng not only refers to a delectable, light and refreshing hearty salad platter of rainbow-coloured vegetables and fruit with slices of raw fish (usually salmon) tossed in a sweet plum sauce and other condiments (each carrying a symbolic and auspicious meaning to the Chinese) the tossing of Yu Sheng […]

BBQ Fragrant Spicy Thai Fish Parcels

I may not have been born an Aussie but having lived here for more than a total of 17 years and having chalked up my fair share of outdoor grilling and mozzie swatting(something rather foreign to clean-cut city dwellers who hail from modern Singapore who consider anywhere outside of air-conditioned […]

Singapore Chilli Crab Recipe

2015 was a rather exciting year for me in the ‘writing department’ of my creative outlets. I was blessed to be able to contribute five articles to the Overseas Singaporean Unit’s project, ’50 Icons Of Singapore’ which had been published into an anthology of stories. Our collective voices in the […]

Fish Head Curry

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’re getting some very strange weather in Brisbane—the kind that smacks of Melbourne’s nowadays which means I’m a little afraid to pack away our long-sleeved and warm apparel. I might actually even leave my jacket on the coat rack together with the poncho, gumboots and […]

Asian After Work by Adam Liaw Cookbook Review

Asian After Work by Adam Liaw Cookbook Review with Dragon Wings Recipe Book Review by Kat Ngoi One of the most practical and useable good cookbooks I love (other than Two Asian Kitchens) has to be the other Adam Liaw one, Asian After Work—Simple Food For Everyday. Like Adam wrote, […]

Claypot Chicken Rice

It’s been a busy and fruitful week with family visiting from Sydney and Oregon, USA, and a break from cooking for me. Come Monday, the new school term kicks off again and it’s that time again for more soulful home-cooking and easy-to-prepare practical dishes for the family. One of the […]

Bergedil (Deep-fried Potato Beef Croquettes)

For the love of Bergedil (Deep-fried Potato Beef Croquettes)! Potato. Every culture has its own way with it and if love is the universal language, then to me potato must be the universal food—so versatile, adaptable, nutritious, wonderful-tasting and accessible to people of all social classes. One has no excuse […]