Christmas paper bag

Christmas Paper Bag/Paper Santa’s Sack Craft Tutorial

This ‘paper santa’s sack’ tutorial is a fabulous antidote for my ‘wrapping paper fatigue’. Yep, I thought it was time to finally use up all that wrapping paper from previous Christmases that we still had in the attic. I know it can’t just be me. Don’t we crafty sorts always […]

2017 advent calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar 2017

Seasons Greetings! Can’t quite believe that by now the kids have already opened their 2nd advent calendar surprise! It’s that time of year again where we’re scrambling to get our act together and ready for the 25th which is too soon for anyone who is a DIY-er! So much hunting, […]

Christmas Is Over But…

HAPPY TWENTY SIXTEEN! While Christmas is over but…it’s still the most wonderful time of the year as we toast to the arrival of new beginnings and a chance for everyone to ‘get it right’ this year! Before I begin the new year’s posts I thought I should do a quick […]

Stamped Fabric Christmas Gift Tags

It’s officially 23 days before Christmas which to me is officially panic time for those who like to shop early (like me) and tick off at least two-thirds of those ‘to do’ items (like me, again) on a Type A personality’s impossibly long list (such as mine) for festive planning! […]

Christmas Advent Calendar

Growing up in Asia meant advent calendars weren’t as popular as a Christmas tradition like they are in the West. I don’t think I truly appreciated their significance until I moved to Oz, had children of my own and subsequently began this beautiful ancient tradition in my own family at […]

Christmas Reindeer Pennant Flag

I do love flags as I do banners but I love, love, love most of all, bunting in its full festive happy glory! Oh those colourful triangular little flags hanging and stretching across from point to point like a smile, billowing and beckoning in the breeze on a clear summer’s […]

Scandinavian Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What did I say about the crazy weather here. We’ve gone from arctic last week to desert heat wave mode at a blazing 35 degrees today! It’s still spring in here? What’s summer going to be! I reckon it’s now dangerous even to collect the […]

christmas table setting

Christmas Table Setting

One of the most exciting accents of planning a Christmas feast every year is dreaming up a theme and seeing that you’ve set the mood for a magical Christmas for all your guests. There’s no need to splurge a fortune to make the best impression; ‘simple’ is key to a […]