Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Bread recipe

Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf

“Making the case for the best flavours combined in a neat package that will satisfy anyone who misses Asia for home itself or that unforgettable getaway you keep dreaming of..” Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf–I love the simplicity of this recipe loaded with generous helpings of spirited Asian flavours […]

Banana Matcha Bread from outofman blog

Bananas for Banana Matcha Bread!

If you’re also mad for matcha like I am, I’ll accept your thanks for this Banana Matcha Bread recipe! Just when you think banana bread can’t get better or fancier, bakers who love green tea rejoice! It’s budget-friendly, simple to make and absolutely delicious. Above all, so good to see […]

mini baked doughnuts withs salted caramel butter popcorn

Mini cookies and cream baked doughnuts

Mini cookies and cream baked doughnuts–I’m not sure about everyone else but I do find that my baking tends to be as seasonal as the weather. With our mild winter transiting into a warmer and brighter springtime soon, I’m making the best of it last and linger as long as […]

Green Tea Red Bean Buns

I hope everyone’s had a blast. This weekend was easily among the worst I had in the recent months. Perhaps one could call it rather ‘blah’. Instead of cruising in the wind somewhere enjoying the sweet cool outdoors or lying on green pastures dreaming up cloud shapes, I spent it […]

Pandan Red Bean Scrolls

It’s the school holidays again and I can’t wait to finally have blocks of uninterrupted time to bake more bread, not in a hurry but with more love. I also decided to give a basic dough I use for my sweet sticky cinnamon buns an Asian twist, and this week […]

Rainbow Bread

I realise with some trepidation that this is some sort of historical week in the world in terms of what a RAINBOW may represent and that my post may be met with some anticipation as to which side I’m on. I assure you that I posted this before the historical […]

Chocolate Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Pecan Cinnamon Rolls For a cinnamon bun/roll/scroll lover like me, there’s nothing like happiness bursting in a rich soft dough oozing with brown sugar, cinnamon butter, chocolate chips, a hint of citrusy liqueur with the crunch of pecans for texture. What a sweet wholesome treat everyone will love whether […]

Banana Loaf Cake With Cointreau Icing

There are two good reasons for this banana loaf cake after a bit of a hiatus in my kitchen. First, it’s autumn and finally feeling REALLY autumn now and we seem to be in the mood for comfort. (Also why you’ll be seeing more bread-making posts soon!) The second is […]

Hot Cross Buns

I’m no religious fanatic but I admit I secretly wish Woolworths and Coles would just remove the piped crosses on hot cross buns and sell the ones with the crosses only on the week of Good Friday. A priest, Father Kennedy seems to be in agreement with this according to […]