Kim Son Vietnamese Restaurant

Kim Son Vietnamese Restaurant 159 Biota Street, Inala, Brisbane 8am-9pm, Mon to Sun Unlicensed, Cash Only (07)37149235 Our discovery of the rustic ‘no-frills-zero-ambience-but-delightful-Viet-cuisine’ eatery Kim Son Vietnamese Kitchen is one of those rare moments you feel like jumping into the air for joy while the same time punching your fist upwards towards the heavens in […]

Pho Hung Vietnamese Kitchen

Pho Hung Vietnamese Kitchen Level 2, Westfield Garden City (Brisbane) 9am to 9pm Mon-Sun unlicensed, Cash & Cards (07)31917190 Pho Hung is one of the great new additions to Westfield Garden City’s hearty mix of an alfresco street level dining precinct with a host of eateries offering a combination of indoor (air-conditioned, thank God for […]

Burger Urge To Kill All Urges

Burger customers almost never expect to sense palpable passion stepping into most fast food burger joints manned by aloof-looking kids who are getting younger and younger, they look barely out of diapers. The strange thing is that we hardly take to heart the poker-faced service asking us to upgrade our fries. Staff who smile are […]