Durian Ice-Cream

Its pong. I love it. Others flee from it or duck to take cover when its unmistakable aroma wafts through the air (I drop whatever I’m doing and run towards it). That aroma arrests you—so that you smell it even before you can see it—such is the commanding presence of […]

Tau Suan (Yellow Mung Bean dessert)

Sigh. What would I give to be teleported back to the humid air of Singapore at my whim where my favourite local desserts like Chendol, Ice Jelly Fruit Cocktail, Tau Suan, Bo Bo Cha Cha, Chng Tng and Ice Kachang with durian are aplenty. So good that I would put […]

Onde-Onde (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls)

Onde-Onde (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls) Few Asian desserts bring me home like ‘Onde-Onde’—I call it ‘Own-Day-Own-Day’ (Sweetened Pandan Coconut Balls). The name has Malay origins and has different variations in different parts of Southeast Asia. ‘Ondeh-Ondeh’ is a spelling variation but refers to the same kuih or kueh as known […]

Durian Puff

Chances are, if you wrinkle and scrunch up your nose on catching a whiff of its pungent aroma, you’re not a fan of what they call ‘stinky spikes’, or as we call it in Asia, (drum roll please) The KING of fruits…the mighty DURIAN. Depending on which camp you belong […]

Vietnamese Coffee Ice-Cream

Are you just mad for coffee? I always am and I love many different styles of coffee. Ever since we gave up the cafe and restaurant, I’ve been missing my endless lattes. I use a Nespresso these days (yes I know, sacrilegious considering my hubby and I are qualified, trained […]

Green Tea Ice-cream

One of the most painful things about my moving away from Asia must be having to pine for all things made of Green Tea, or ‘Matcha’, from the most exquisitely crafted sweet matcha wagashi (Japanese confectionery) to iced green tea ‘frappucinos’. But yet none of these really makes me homesick […]

Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Pastry)

Ang Ku Kueh (‘Red Tortoise’ Pastry) The subject of ‘red turtle cake’ never fails to raise a laugh with friends and family back in Singapore when I retell amusing stories of how my white Australian friends would recoil in horror when I deliberately serve up this controversial dessert at morning […]