Matcha Latte (warm) recipe

Matcha Latte / Green Tea Latte recipe

{Matcha Latte / Green Tea Latte recipe} Hi, if you’re reading this, thank you for stopping by my cosy little place. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but it’s a bit eclectic over here. Is anything that’s aimed at creatives any less than? Or, if you’re trawling through the online […]

Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Bread recipe

Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf

“Making the case for the best flavours combined in a neat package that will satisfy anyone who misses Asia for home itself or that unforgettable getaway you keep dreaming of..” Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf–I love the simplicity of this recipe loaded with generous helpings of spirited Asian flavours […]

Durian Swiss Roll

Depending on which camp you belong to, you either find its strong aroma putrid or alluring. It’s a mystery how something so awful in the looks department could taste like pure heaven. – from an earlier post, Durian Puff I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a swiss […]

Green Tea Pandan Snowskin Mooncakes (Black Bean Paste Filling)

It was nothing short of beautiful divine timing for us to be back in Singapore this September which happened to coincide with the annual local festivities of the mid-autumn festival (also known as ‘Mooncake Festival’) celebrated by the ethnic Chinese community all throughout Asia with bursts of colour, feasting and […]

Green Tea Red Bean Buns

I hope everyone’s had a blast. This weekend was easily among the worst I had in the recent months. Perhaps one could call it rather ‘blah’. Instead of cruising in the wind somewhere enjoying the sweet cool outdoors or lying on green pastures dreaming up cloud shapes, I spent it […]

Japanese Cheesecake

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I love Japanese cheesecake. Our whole family does, and in the last 2 weeks I’ve baked more than one, which tells you how fast it vanishes if it happens to be in the same room as me, the husband and our little wombats. Mind you—I […]

Pandan Red Bean Scrolls

It’s the school holidays again and I can’t wait to finally have blocks of uninterrupted time to bake more bread, not in a hurry but with more love. I also decided to give a basic dough I use for my sweet sticky cinnamon buns an Asian twist, and this week […]

Matcha Swiss Roll with Red Bean Cream

Swiss rolls remind me of my little girl self, nose and hands pressed against the looking glass of some Asian bakery looking in, yearning hungrily for a log of sugar-sprinkled swiss roll tightly wound with fluffy whipped cream. Strawberry-coloured, chocolate, green pandan or butter sponge—the flavours hardly mattered since I […]