rainbow (orange cream cheese) icing recipe outofman.com

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe–Hey there. I want to apologise for how lonely this blog space has been as I soldier on to finish editing my first book (it’s going to be worth the wait, I promise) and (drum roll…)took time off this space to launch my stationery and design emporium! If you love stationery and craft, do check out my online emporium at Mic Moc Curated Emporium

As you can imagine, I’ve been burning the candle on both ends and it’s taken a toll on my health—not much fun these few weekends nursing my kids who have been sick and now having to grapple with running a store and my own flu episode. But as they say, when the going gets tough…the tough gets going. And I’m still going at it with measured pauses.

The ever-elusive work-life balance

I’m sure I’m not the only one chasing the ever-elusive work-life balance that all of us chase yet few of us find. I’ve come to terms with it; to accept that perhaps there will be days that my head feels like an elephant is sitting on it and I can’t feel my body. Have you ever felt so swamped that you find it impossible to be present in the moment? I know there needs to be some adjustment to allow for smelling the roses and all but truly isn’t that always easier said than done?

Have Passion

In the end, what I know for sure is that passion is so essential in everything we commit to pouring ourselves into. If we’re not about to risk putting our heart in it, perhaps there is wisdom in not beginning a task, project, job, venture or a relationship.

A Cake To Remind Us To Look Out For Rainbows

rainbow (orange cream cheese) icing recipe outofman.com
rainbow icing recipe

That’s my top half of today’s post on my musings about work-life balance and passion in the things of life that we undertake. The other half has to do with one of my favourite things in life—CAKE!

My daughter turned nine earlier this month and I had many requests for my rainbow icing recipe. You’ll find it at the bottom of this post and I hope it will bless you and your loved ones as you find time to be more present and to look forward to the rainbows of life’s downpours.

Till the next one, cheers.

‘As my little lady turned 9 today it dawned on me that my love rather than any worry is my best gift to her…I guess when you’re a mama hen and you’re constantly paranoid that when the world comes for your babies, knives and claws out, it’s pretty much your job to stand in the way. So much love to create this gift of a ‘unicorn wonderland’ rainbow 🌈 cake for my ‘baby’ girl. I just want her to remember me…and when she does long after I’m gone one day, a part of me will always be with her. Happy Birthday my sweet dolly.’ 😘

Rainbow (Orange Cream Cheese) Icing Recipe

Much less sweet but no less yummy-licious and richer-tasting than traditional buttercream icings is this star recipe for fresh, creamy and citrusy Orange Cream Cheese Icing I whipped up quickly for my daughter’s recent unicorn wonderland birthday cake! Adapted from my favourite go-to Primrose Bakery ‘Cupcakes’ recipe book, I’d used twice the amount of ingredients to ice a six-layer rainbow cake.

For more ore Rainbow Recipes (click here).

350g cream cheese
900g icing sugar, sifted
250g unsalted butter, at room temperature (1 block)
Grated zest of 1 whole orange, reserve juice to add to thin icing


Add softened butter at room temperature, cream cheese (also at room temperature),zest, a little juice and the icing sugar (sifted) gradually until all is combined and is as smooth and pale as you can get it. It takes several minutes, so add the icing gradually and thin with more juice if necessary.

If not using immediately, do store this icing in the fridge. It should keep well for up to a week. Before use, allow it to thaw to room temperature and beat till it come sto this same silky smooth consistency as when you’ve made it.

If icing a rainbow cake, use it as it is to frost your layers. After the cake has been layered with the cream cheese icing, divide the icing into batches to add colouring if you’re using it to create a rainbow cake as I have done. I used several bowls to do this; about six in total for my six colours!
Pipe icing colour by colour around the perimeter of the cake tiers until you reach the top of the tier, then smooth over with a frosting spatula or flat tool.

Bravo! You did it! Enjoy with loved ones!

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