DIY craft on maximising a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper

How To Maximise, Utilise & Recycle 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper

How To Maximise, Utilise & Recycle 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper – Spring is finally here and what better way to begin a new season of blog posts here than to kick it off with this one on minimising paper wastage! In the spirit of spring-cleaning your craft supplies in addition to re-using, re-cycling and reducing our landfill, let’s do this.

As an obsessive crafter and craft supply hoarder, if there’s one thing I will never collect enough of, it’s 12 by 12 inch scrapbooking fancy paper stock! I used to store them in various purpose-made square accordion folders for 12 x 12 papers until I finally acquired a sturdy chest of drawers from Ikea and finally moved half of my entire collection to their spiffy, designated new home. One of my best days of de-cluttering, really—before my creative studio gets buried under an avalanche of papers!

some hand stamped stickers, tags and gift bags I made recently

As much as they’re useful for crafting, the problem with scrapbook papers is that you’re sure to have scraps left over that could sit in a storage for weeks, months or even years—forlorn and forgotten.

I wanted to share in this post some the great ways I use up my scrapbook paper scraps instead of wondering what to do with them besides saving scraps to embellish a new layout or bits and pieces to layer and create handmade cards.

I have created here a 12 x 12 paper template outline to show you how I usually make use of a typical sheet these days in an effort to utilise them more fully. For instance, I love crafting the following:

Gift bags x 1 Large
Gift bags x 1 Small
Gift Tags
Paper ‘washi tape’ (non-adhesive) or
Envelope (internal) decorative liners

DIY craft on maximising a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
So much fun to make your own handmade gift bags and matching gift tags with paper washi!
Made with a single sheet of 12 x 12 paper. Hardly any bits left to waste

I make earrings for gifts all the time and these gift bags are perfect for packaging them as gifts. And washi tape, definitely washi! (that’s my other addiction) ‘I have enough washi, said no crafter ever!’ It hit me one day that I could use up my leftover pretty papers as paper washi tape once I stuck double-sided tape under them or dabbed a strip of glue underneath a long strip of paper I’ve trimmed into ribbon width.

I really do use so much of my own ‘washi paper’ range nowadays as these days I’ve moved on from scrapbooking to my newfound love of mixed media journalling—my new preferred way to document snippets of our everyday lives. It all began when I stumbled upon the whole new world of the #travelersworldnotebook on Instagram, formerly known as the #midorinotebook i.e. of the Japanese brand, Midori. I’ll save that amazing encounter and my journalling journeys at a future post only because there’s just way too many glorious discoveries (regarding my journalling espcades) to share with you!

Envelopes are the next best thing to create out of scrapbook paper stash. When I have less than a sheet to use up—I make internal envelope liners to add pizazz to my snail mail stationery.

Envelope templates DIY craft on maximising a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
Envelope templates can be found everywhere on the Internet! Make your own envelopes. Pictured: cut using my Cricut Explore machine

What are the ways you use up your leftover scraps? I’d love to hear your own ideas and to share them with other crafters reading this!

Enjoy Spring! Beautiful spring recipes from my kitchen exploits are coming soon!

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