good morning towel tray

Good Morning Towel handcrafted tray: reader contribution

{Good Morning Towel handcrafted tray} On today’s post I can’t wait to show you a picture of the famously kitsch and iconic ‘Good Morning Towel’ made into an exquisite wooden serving tray.
No, I hadn’t made it (I wish I did!) but it was sent to me by a very kind reader, Rachael O’Connor, who received this Good Morning Towel handcrafted tray as a momento from her talented sister-in-law, to mark her adventures in sunny Singapore.

A Generous Letter
I also couldn’t wait to share the wonderful email I’d received from her which explains the significance of this beautifully handcrafted tray made by her sister-in-law, Bethany. An American expatriate (who calls herself a ‘trailing spouse’) who’s making Singapore her temporary home for a couple of years, Rachael has so generously sent me kind thoughts on chancing upon my previous Good Morning Towel article which I had contributed to the OSU website during Singapore’s last 50th jubilee celebrations. This had been part of the ’50 Singapore Icons’ Scribbler’s project and you can read the article here to learn more about the Good Morning Towel and my personal affinity with this extremely special towel, an item of great historical and cultural significance in Singapore and even in Malaysia.

good morning towel tray
GM towel wooden tray
image by Rachael O’Connor

I want to express my gratitude to readers like Rachael who has taken the time to write to me and to connect with me. I deeply appreciate the gesture and welcome all your kind letters and feedback.
P.S. Please connect with your submissions via email if you wish to contribute images, articles, recipes, or other creative projects on this space that you think may be relevant to our ethos on Out Of Man.
Look, even the occasional ‘rant’ will be considered for publishing if it’s warranted! (Justice must prevail isn’t it?) When in doubt, well, practice good manners.

Meanwhile, here’s Rachael’s letter that I wanted to share with you:

Hello Katherine!
I just searched and found your blog entry about the Singapore Good Morning tea towel

The reason I searched on this is because I received a really cool gift my Sister in law made me from it. 

I am an American “trailing spouse” to my expat Husband who works for ___(removed for privacy) in Singapore! When my Sister in law, Bethany, visited me in February, we found the towels in Little India and bought them, as I had been seeing them for the three years I have lived in SG and knew I wanted some for myself too! Well Bethany made me this very cool serving platter with the towel. Check it out… attached photos. 

I just thought I’d share with you because I found your blog a perfect back story to this special tray that was made in Ohio, USA and now has residence in the Chicagoland area! I plan to take it back to SG when I return from our USA summer visit. 

Thanks for sharing your family perspective on the towels!! 

With Gratitude,

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