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Make Hello Kitty Cookies! Vanilla Cookies Recipe

{Make Hello Kitty Cookies! Vanilla Cookies Recipe}. Crunch. Mmmmnnn…it’s a scrumptious Hello Kitty cookies kind of baking day using one of my favourite golden syrup vanilla cookies recipe. Today as one of our school holiday food making adventures, I had great fun with my little wombats re-creating Hello Kitty cookies I last made a long, long time ago. Still love this Hello Kitty cookie cutter set I’d acquired online a while ago to make my eldest one her Hello Kitty birthday cookies. I’ve even used it to decorate her fondant birthday cupcakes! I’d highly recommend you get one for yourself, if like us, you do have a thing for Hello Kitty!

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Cookies just taste better when they are Hello Kitty cookies!

What makes this cute cat sans mouth the ultimate Japanese ‘kawaii’ classic? I suppose it has to be the way Sanrio’s Hello Kitty has proven to endure the test of time. Even as we still expect to see the latest animated film icons from various studios come and go, Hello Kitty has managed to stay evergreen in terms of its popularity. It also debunks the myth that every animated character needs a movie to market itself as a brand. Everywhere in the world the eponymous cat’s merchandise simply sells on its own!

In present day, Hello Kitty doesn’t seem to be quitting. It continues to endear itself to most girls of all ages, from tween to teen girls to…well, women like myself who have grown up eating off Hello Kitty bowls while clothed in Hello Kitty pyjamas! (P.S. I still secretly stash a pair of lady’s Hello Kitty jammies in my sleepwear drawer; something I can’t bear to part with though I hardly wear them these days).

Hello Kitty cookies outofman.com
pre-baked Hello Kitty cookie dough : )

Today, my own eight year-old daughter still loves Hello Kitty as much as she did when she was four. From hair accessories to clothing to toys, you name it, chances are that we have it! My favourite ones are her Hello Kitty toy rice cooker and fridge. A couple of years ago when she was freshly Hello Kitty-mad, we threw her a Hello Kitty themed birthday complete with my first-ever fondant Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes.

Hope you’ll enjoy these cookies as much as we do and here’s wishing all Happy winter holidays!
We can’t wait for our getaway adventure tomorrow! It’s been a long wait! Happy Friyay xx

making of Hello Kitty cookies outofman.com
The making of Hello Kitty cookie dough shapes

Hello Kitty Cookies Recipe (Golden Syrup Vanilla Cookies Recipe)

125 g butter (room temperature)
½ C brown sugar
½ C golden syrup
2½ C plain (all purpose) flour, sifted
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)

Get your oven up and ready at 180℃. Whisk the butter and brown sugar in your mixer bowl until the texture is light and creamy. Coat the inside of a ½ C measuring spoon with some olive oil then fill it with the golden syrup to the brim. Add the golden syrup to the mixer bowl including the flour, baking soda and vanilla extract. Mix it to a smooth creamy dough. Unwrap some cling film, divide the dough into 3 portions and wrap each portion in cling film. Store refrigerated for at least 20 minutes for it to firm up.

Line from 2 to 3 baking trays with baking paper or non-stick cookie sheets to prepare for baking.

Once ready, flour your hands, then roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface or between sheets of baking paper to about 4mm thick. Using cookie cutters of your choice (I’ve used Hello Kitty ones I bought online), cut out each cookie shaped dough one at a time.

Transfer carefully to baking trays and bake cookies for 8 minutes until golden brown. I like using a floured dough cutter to help me transfer the dough without breakage!

You could either dress up your cookies with royal icing or leave them plain like I did—they are so good even on their own.

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