DIY felt board letters

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard

DIY Felt Board Letters using Chipboard–As an avid felt board adopter last year since I became hooked on just another way to express myself, it’s with jitters of unbridled excitement that I present this idea. How would you like to spruce up those rather static plastic felt board letters just a little without hardly spending a dime?

You won’t believe what I’m about to show you. If there’s anything else in this world that could be easier! If, like me, you’re an avid crafter or scrapbooker, then you’ll probably have no problems accumulating a truckload of these chipboard letters in your crafty stash.

I use them primarily on paper for scrapbooking and card-making, but these are great for performing double duty as letters on bunting for my decorated cakes. Hurrah, I’ve now found a new use for these chipboard chums—to spell letters on my felt board!

But how, I hear you ask. Well, if you turn them behind, they usually come with a self-adhesive back which just so happens to be marvellous (perfect, in fact) for tiny bits of velcro!

Yes. Velcro is THE secret ingredient. All that you need is a pair of trusty sharp scissors and a small roll of velcro. Just remember to adhere the flat side to the back of your chipboard letters, leaving the side with the tiny ‘hooks’ facing out. Those tiny ‘hooks’ are the reason these letters will adhere to the felt board so well!

DIY felt board letters
Pretty much all you need!

Another piece of good news: they’re completely ‘stick and remove’. This means that these individual chipboard letters with the velcro bits can be easily stored and are re-positionable as you play with your witty quotes.

DIY felt board letters
backs of chipboard letters with velcro

Is there any denying that they look pretty rad paired up with the plain-Jane plastic letters? I think I’ve found another one to add to my nifty 5-minute craft tutorials.

felt board letters
It’s a good day for a beautiful day

It doesn’t just sprinkle some much needed ‘pop up’ dimension to the whole display, but the wonderful thing about this is that it’s such a no-brainer for adding some serious aplomb to my previously rather bland and static felt board. Great improvements that don’t take up any time to do…now that’s something to grin about.

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