Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Bread recipe

Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf

“Making the case for the best flavours combined in a neat package that will satisfy anyone who misses Asia for home itself or that unforgettable getaway you keep dreaming of..”

green tea pandan red bean loaf bread recipe
The perfect brekky or tea with great Asian dessert flavours of green tea, pandan and red bean filling

Matcha Green Tea-Pandan Red Bean Loaf–I love the simplicity of this recipe loaded with generous helpings of spirited Asian flavours like matcha (green tea), pandan* and red bean bundled in a delicious padded loaf. It’s both a tempting mouthful and sweet treat so divine as a versatile breakfast or afternoon tea snack itself that I sometimes even cheat and serve it with green tea after a hearty Asian-style meal.

All The Best Asian Flavours In One Package
I’m also making the case for the very best Asian flavours combined in a neat package that will satisfy anyone who misses Asia for home itself or that unforgettable getaway you keep dreaming of. This is one fabulous bread recipe I experimented with one morning and the rest is history. Now this is my go-to breakfast-tea-dessert-snack bread when I know I’ve got a busy week and need a filling option on the ready to power up myself and my always-peckish little family!

Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Bread recipe
The ‘browning’ gives it a slightly golden crusty top: Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Loaf

Once you try this recipe you’ll know I’m right when I say it’s the sort of comfort bread that’s hard to beat in taste and satiating one’s homesickness. For me, its soft and pillowy, melt-in-the-mouth likes of Asian-style sweet bread buns I’ll find in bakeries at Singapore, Malaysia, Japan or Hong Kong keeps me making this again…and again in my home kitchen.

Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Loaf
Braided goodness…Green Tea Pandan Red Bean Loaf

*Note: If you’re unfamiliar with using pandan essence, you can simply omit it from this recipe and add just the matcha powder. But if you’re game to try, pandan is worth sampling as it’s rather unique in itself: an unmistakably aromatic, ‘vanilla-like’ sweet-smelling herb (actually more like a tall lanky stalk of green leaf) that’s frequently used in parts of Asia for many desserts and even for cooking rice used in Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak in Singapore and Malaysia.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Fri-YAY! xx Kat

Based on dough quantity in 1, 1 1/2, or 2 Ib (Bread Machine):

Wet Ingredients: (To add first)
3/4 Cup milk (room temperature or slightly warmed)
60g butter (melted)
1 egg + water to fill 1/4 C, beaten together

Dry Ingredients: (Add only after wet ingredients)
2 1/2 all-purpose flour
3 TB sugar
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast
1 tsp pandan essence
1 TB matcha powder

1/2 Cup brown sugar
About 1 C of Red Bean Paste (you could use ready made in canned or packet form available at good Asian grocers. I prefer the Japanese brands.
1 TB Sesame seeds for sprinkling on top of the loaf.


1. Load bread pan with wet ingredients first, then the dry. Select the dough cycle on your bread machine. When dough is risen and done, transfer to a lightly greased bowl, cover and let rest for 30 min in fridge or overnight  if not using immediately. Otherwise, leave in a warm place to proof further for 30 minutes.
2. Roll out dough to flat 10×16 ” rectangle. Using both hands, carefully lift up the rectangular dough onto a large baking tin with a baking paper lined underneath.
3. Spread the melted butter onto the rectangular dough, then sprinkle with brown sugar and spread it out evenly using the back of a spoon. Spread the red bean filling on top of the brown sugar. I’ve used ready-made red bean filling which is rather thick with a paste-like consistency—it can be tricky to spread, so I’ve simply rolled out small balls of the paste and placed them evenly spaced on the top of the brown sugar. Add as much as you like.
3. Using a sharp knife, make even 2” width diagonal slits all along the left and right sides of the rolled out rectangular dough, leaving about 3-4” of the middle section uncut. Fold the slit widths towards the middle section and fold down the top and bottom ‘flaps’ to seal. You now have a braided log loaf.
3. Let loaf dough rise in a warm place for another 30 min (nearly doubled). Brush with remaining beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds.
4. Bake in 170 degree oven for 15 min, until lightly browned. 

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