Minc gold foil notepad project

Minc Foil Tutorial for DIY Marbled Gold Foil Notepad

Minc Foil Tutorial for DIY Marbled Gold Foil Notepad — For one person I probably hoard way too many notepads, notebooks, journals and diaries. But then again, I’m a writer and a crafter which is my best excuse. You’ll find my stash in every room in the house. A mini notebook even in the bathroom. Well, just in case. Well helloooo I can’t help it if the wildest inspiration for a story hits me at the most inconvenient moment. I seem to always have those! When a random thought bubble floats up into something I could ideally use or blog about, I’ll need scrawl it down quickly before it pops and washes away like the soap suds in my bath.

This craft tutorial I’m about to share came about in one of those times and pays tribute to my obsessive collection of things to write in. Sure you can buy them anywhere these days but what’s the fun in it when you can craft your own bespoke notebook cover. I also find it hard to find many affordable and good quality writing materials in Australia that don’t have that gritty or grainy paper texture. Is it just me?

Minc gold foil notepad project
It’s addictive trying to match your stationery to your decor : )

Here’s a project I created using an A5 sized blank, unlined notepad that I bought from Singapore—where nice, clean, pure white paper lives. Yes it may have been made with recycled fibres yet the feel of the paper is crisp and smooth as baby skin! While I loved the texture of the crisp white pages, the cover on the other hand was a let down…unglamorous you’d say?! At least to me…I have that compulsive need to match or complement objects to my home decor, and this obviously ‘wasn’t going to do it’ for me. It was also very uninspiring to look at on my desk everyday and I’m one who needs to be surrounded by inspiration to do what I do daily!

minc foil project notepad
The original A5 notepad
before the project. Now you know why it needs a makeover…

5 Minute Crafts
It’s so easy and rewarding that it inspired me to finally start a section on this blog for ‘5-Minute Crafts’, something in my heart at the start of the new year. If you’ve been following my new year posts, my new mantra is to do less but achieve more. This simple but smashing project does just that. I’ve included a pdf file which you can download here. Of course you could personalise your own and design any sentiment you wish.

pdf file: click to download A5 notepad design

I have to remind you that this project uses a Minc Foil machine which is a heat activated laminating machine. It works by applying the ‘gold foil effect’ as it reacts directly to toner ink on contact with the heat source. You could perhaps get away with a regular laminating machine, however this could be a bit of a ‘hit and miss’ with gritty black spots that could be left on the text. The Minc is definitely one of my best investments not just for crafting but for my DIY home decor projects where I’ve designed my own gold foiled prints for framing as well as greeting cards with foil effects.

Minc machine
The Minc takes pride of place on my craft desk & has become an indispensable gadget!
Minc gold foil notepad project
The silver is as great as the gold and rose gold. Take your pick!
Minc gold foil notepad project
I call this the big reveal! My favourite part has to be this one…where I get to peel back the foil!

Enjoy and don’t forget to send me what you’ve made or tag us on Instagram with #outofmancrafts!

Would love to see what you get up to!

Minc Foil Tutorial for DIY Marbled Gold Foil Notepad

Scrapbooking Paper* (cut to size of notebook or journal)
Glue Stick
Minc Foil (Gold)
* I used this green marbled scrapbook paper from the ‘Hello Love’ 12 x 12 paper pad by Crate Paper. For the sentiment ‘The Future I Bright’, I used the ‘Weekday’ 12 x 12 paper pad by Craft Smith.


Computer (for designing text for printing)
Laser Printer
Minc Machine by Heidi Swapp
Heat Transfer Folder for Minc (to insert paper and foil)
Paper Trimmer (or Penknife/Scissors used with long ruler)

crate paper scrapbook papers
beautiful paper pad by Crate Paper, one of my favourite paper brands

Trim your scrapbooking paper (or any gift wrap or paper of choice) to the size of your notebook cover. Your ‘page setup’ should be set to A5 size for your printer. (Don’t forget to use the manual feed to insert your paper during printing).

Design and centralise your ‘sentiment’ which you want to print on your paper of choice. You may also use the pdf file I’ve included here if you wish! Print out your design using your laser printer. 

Encase the paper and the foil within the transfer folder. Apply your foil on top of the text(not under it). Ensure that every bit of the text has been covered over with the foil before closing the transfer folder.

Run the design through the Minc machine. Peel open the transfer folder gently and peel away the foil to reveal the gold effect applied to the laser printed design.

Glue the paper onto the surface of your notebook or notepad with a glue stick. Make sure your glue has been uniformly applied onto every crevice and surface for a neat and professional appearance.

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