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DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks

DIY Contemporary Wooden Paperweight Blocks
OMG. A great expression to use if you’re still young enough to get what it means when you’ve pounced on a good thing at the shops, such as this contact paper obviously aimed at the Internet Generation or in short—angsty teens. Maybe even those older but similarly addicted to Instagram, Snapchat or both. Alas. If you find one near you, they waste no time in letting you find out life may have already passed you by. i.e. if, by now, you still haven’t got a hold of these ‘text message abbreviations’, aka internet slang or SMS (texting) language. LOL. (Laugh-Out-Loud. Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing at your expense) as I happen to belong to that age group where life might’ve passed me by too.

kmart contact paper paperweight craft tutiorial
|Don’t just think of me for covering books|

Yes, even though I would consider myself pretty updated with most these ridiculous short forms of digitally used expressions…that to me—simply sounds the death knell for any decent English language use).
A ‘no-brainer’ contact paper craft tutorial using wooden blocks

Feel like you just got whacked by a wave of FIMO? (Fear-of-missing-out) here? Fear not. I have the easiest, no-brainer DIY crafting tutorial that doubles as a speed lesson in boosting your text slang vocabulary. Gr8, (great), let’s begin.

I chanced upon this ‘cheaply obtainable’ contact paper at Kmart but you could use just about any contact paper of your choice. The wooden blocks were also from Kmart’s baby room decor range at just $10 for a set of 10. They came ready painted and varnished and happen to match my contact paper!

paperweight tutorial

Why not use these blocks to decorate your spaces by covering them not just in contact paper of your liking, but with photographs (cut to size easily), scrapbooking paper or magazine cut-outs that inspire you. You could use book pages (of those books you don’t need or read anymore), newsprint or anything else you fancy that would inspire you. Simply glue on the paper of your choice using some tacky craft glue using a brush or stick to adhere it to the wooden block.

Look at what else I’ve made. These now sit on my studio desk to hold down my various lists and scrap papers while I work on a hundred and one projects at the same time. They keep me sane and happy.

handmade paperweight
Handmade paperweights
using contact paper & brochures

Contact paper with edgy slang expressions (note: considered cool by some).
Wooden blocks

Anti-cutter or penknife
Craft Scissors
Cutting Mat

Neatly cut a border around each ‘expression’.
Peel off the adhesive backing (just as you would use stickers) and adhere each one on each cube surface.

Use a penknife or anti-cutter to trim off any edges by placing the surface of the cube facing downwards on your cutting mat (where you intend to trim it).

Voila. I did mention this was a no-brainer tutorial didn’t I?

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