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The Big Deal About Mini Cakes

The Big Deal About Mini Cakes–Mini cakes are life-changing. In the same way I regained years from not stressing myself draping nearly every cake in a blanket of rolled fondant. I can’t believe I used to think fondant was the only way to add any real ‘oomph’ to my cakes! It’s true that while I still do love to work with sugar paste and fondant, however I now tend to use them primarily for sculpting cake toppers.

In the past I’d used to go BIG with my special occasion cakes but at the start of the new year I empowered my cake decorating resolutions with even more added simplicity—hurrah to mini cakes!

small baking tins
basic round and heart shaped mini baking tins

Backseat Baking
They’re easy to build. Mini cakes mean my newfound ‘backseat baking’. Backseat baking simply equates to spending a whole lot less time driving myself crazy creating special occasion cakes. Mini as they are, yet big on effect. I suppose I end up being more focused on the decorative elements and less becomes more. The following pictures of some mini cakes I’ve done lately show that mini cakes are quicker to bake and decorate without sacrificing embellishments or their impact on marking the special occasion. If anything, they become the real star of the event.

I know. Sometimes we have larger parties or more than just a family of four to serve a cake to. To feed a larger guest list I would bake another larger cake or cupcakes for sharing but I won’t have to spend time decorating them. Boom, Pow, Wow? You get me, I’m sure.

In twenty seventeen, my mantra is doing less and achieving more. These mini cakes do just that!

I start out forming the basic layers by first baking them, levelling the tops, then leaving them in the fridge overnight to chill. I would also prepare the buttercream frosting and chill it overnight so that both the cakes and the frosting remain cold during the icing and assembling stage.

I like sculpting the fondant or gum paste toppings ahead so that I can leave these to dry and firm up before the big day.

swimming cake topper
3D sugar paste figurine cake topper:
‘swimming’ in summer

The next day after the cakes and frosting are chilled, I slather on the icing after bringing it slightly more to room temperature (but still cool). Next, I stack the mini sponge cakes one on top of the other. Here’s the blank canvas!

mini vanilla buttercream cake
A stack of triple layered vanilla sponge cake covered in vanilla buttercream

I coloured the vanilla icing blue to form the ‘pool water’. I added some white cachous for ‘bubbles’. I only add the sugar fondant toppers right before the cake is presented for candles. Do not leave fondant toppers on top of your buttercream icing in the fridge or they will start condensing and ‘sweating’!

swim cake
Mini three-tiered swimming cake

A mini double-tiered heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day.

Mini Valentine's Day cake
Mini Valentine’s Day cake
‘Love Letter’ in double-layers

An anniversary cake to celebrate 19 years. Proud. Not the cake, but the years!: )
Why not try it yourself? The years married, yes, AND of course, these mini cakes.

Mini heart-shaped cake
Mini double-layer heart-shaped cake
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