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Christmas Advent Calendar 2017

Seasons Greetings! Can’t quite believe that by now the kids have already opened their 2nd advent calendar surprise! It’s that time of year again where we’re scrambling to get our act together and ready for the 25th which is too soon for anyone who is a DIY-er! So much hunting, gathering and getting down to the making and baking frenzy.

My secret is giving myself right up till the final week of November to trim my tree, and the 1st of December as my deadline for all Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree. Yes, I know. It’s a near impossible feat for some but I try to manage so I’ll have time for other tiny touches and all the baking! This means I have to give myself ample time to prepare our annual handcrafted advent calendar, a family tradition we treasure with the children.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve come up with for one of my most anticipated handmade Christmas crafts that the children look forward to each year. I’ve always preferred boxes for the simple reason that they are more functional. These kraft boxes are larger than matchboxes, tougher than tiny paper bags, easy-to-stack and lets me pack a little more than most tiny goodies will fit in a tiny matchbox or one of those store-bought wooden drawers.

advent calendar 2017 outofman.com
Kraft boxes, stickers and die-cut numerals for an easy-to-put-together advent calendar

The numerals were die-cut from my Cricut Explore machine using glitter and matte finish smooth contact paper.

2017 advent calendar outofman.com
2017 advent calendar

Besides the boxes from a discount store, I haven’t spent anything on the materials other than the contents of the boxes. In the spirit of recycling and thrift, I’ve managed to use the stash I have lying around in my craft studio: glitter contact paper for the numerals, last year’s TYPO sticker sheets and good old rubber stamps with a trusty ink pad.

For the goodies, I got the kids some figurines and Shopkins toys along with candy, chocolate and bits of stationery. These were about $10 a box for the figurines (Kmart) and Shopkins toys(Big W). Aldi stocks great chocolate coins and Christmas-themed tiny foil-wrapped chocolates if you want to fill your boxes with these.

advent calendar boxes outofman.com
tiny things for advent calendar boxes
advent calendar outofman.com
goodies for kids to fill our advent calendar boxes
Shopkins tiny toys
Shopkins tiny toys
or advent boxed surprises
lego lookalike
Tiny leading brand-compatible block toy figurines for advent boxed surprises
goodies for advent calendar boxes outofman.com
toys, candy, stationery bits and bobs for their daily fix!

You may wonder how I’m able to accommodate the larger items such as the pencil-eraser sets I have here that won’t fit into these boxes. Well I simply add a note in the boxes for the kids to redeem them. I know, I’m full of creative solutions, ha. One improvises when one has to!

As for the rustic boxes, I love that they are basic, minimalist and simple to make with a timeless, classic theme. The other thing to love of course would be the ‘neon pink-gold-silver-black-and-white’ Christmas colour scheme we’ve picked for this year’s festivities. You can personalise the boxes in unlimited ways!

Hope you’re inspired to make your own advent calendar next year if you haven’t already started this wonderful tradition in your own home. Don’t forget that even adults can enjoy advent surprises using stocking fillers! For more on my Christmas in pictures, see you on Instagram : )

Seasons’s Greetings!

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