crafting paper succulents in pot

Crafting paper succulents and cacti

Make your own plant that you can't kill today
Make your own plant that you can’t kill today

Crafting paper succulents and cacti – If you love greenery just like I do yet sadly haven’t been born with green thumbs, no biggie. Crafting your own paper succulents and cacti can still work wonders to enhance your work studio and home interiors. There’s so much to love about paper plants! One, these adorable beauties don’t even need to be watered or cared for (who has the time, seriously). Two, they are so satisfying when you can be as creative you want with colours, effects and textures. Three, you’ll get gasps and compliments to no end. All this while you get to gawk at them whenever you need something wacky to flash a grin about, hehe. They also make such thoughtful and personal gifts for someone you care about. These also make great table setting props for entertaining and parties! I’m also thinking of creating a mini tabletop paper terrarium with these! You can’t find a reason not to make some yourself and you know it!

crafting paper succulents in pot
pretty succulent colours in a row!

Using a die-cutting machine or cutting by hand
I’m no genius with cutting and I must confess I’d ‘cheated’ and had used my wonderful Cricut Explore die-cutting machine to produce these intricate die-cuts of the succulent petals and cacti. There are many free svg files online that you can use even without a die-cutting machine. One of the best paper-crafting sites I’ve found is the generous and beautiful Lia Griffith site. Do check it out to gawk at and download her many paper plant tutorials and whimsical paper projects.

Please do share it with this community of makers on outofman and comment below if you wish to list your own site or a site you found on similar plant projects! Meanwhile, here are my instructions for the tutorial for crafting your own paper succulents. Hope you have as much fun with it as I did creating it!

paper succulents
Displaying the paper plants

Paper succulents tutorial


1. Cut out the various petals and shapes. Using a pencil, roll up each edge of the succulent petal to curl it up for realism. Using a small stamp pad, dab some ink to distress the edges of the succulent petal to create a more realistic colour gradient or shade that resembles the petals of real succulents.

2. Glue the different pieces together in descending order; with the smallest piece at the top.

3. Trim a paper coffee cup to the height you desire. Using a piece of scrap fabric, trim it to about 30 x 30 cm, then fold it into half lengthwise.

4. Position the coffee cup at the corner edge of the fabric fastened in place with a bit of masking tape.

5. Start rolling it across the fabric, while applying fabric glue to the surface as you roll and glue the fabric into place.

6. Once the cup is completely covered,fasten with a masking tape.

7. Apply glue to the bottom of the cup and attach the fabric to the bottom as neatly as you can.

8. Push the fabric over the rim of the cup and tape it down with more masking tape.

9. Hot glue the bottom of the succulent to around the rim of the fabric-covered cup. Voila! Your own faux potted green.

Tutorial Picture Gallery:

paper succulent
1. cut out the various pieces and lay them out.
Glue the pieces in order, beginning with the largest as the base and ending with the smallest at the top tip to form the succulent
2. glue pieces together
2. glue pieces together
paper succulent tutorial
3. Trim the paper cup to the height you want
4. Find a piece of fabric you love for the 'pot'
4. Find a piece of fabric you love for the ‘pot’
5. Start rolling!
5. Start rolling!
paper succulents
6. Cover with fabric completely
paper succulents
7. Fabric glue it and fasten with tape to let dry
paper succulent
8. Glue the bottom to form the covered pot.
9. fold in around the rim of the 'pot'
9. fold in around the rim of the ‘pot’
paper succulent
Love them on your windowsill, desktop, shelf, just anywhere you want to beautify and add a spot of succulent love!
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