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finding the rabbit hole

A brand name like La La Land suggests it could be a conspiracy wielded by the Alice-in-wonderland-believing sort of crowd who are most likely Facebook friends with Peter Pan, their possible neighbour in Never-Never.

koala plate by la la land
Koala In Suspenders. Love.
pic|La La Land website

What In The World? Finding The Rabbit Hole That’s La La Land
A brand name like La La Land suggests it could be a conspiracy wielded by the Alice-in-wonderland-believing sort of crowd who are most likely Facebook friends with Peter Pan, their possible neighbour in Never-Never. One must suspect something’s up behind a logo designed like a Jack and the Beanstalk-looking branch heading up to the skies with a tagline like ‘Stand Against The Ordinary’.

La la Land logo
La La Land logo
pic|from La La Land website;edited by

Even if you’re not one to wear mad-looking hats or smile like a Cheshire Cat but simply believe that the arts do contribute (besides income to our economy) to our social well-being and cultural identity, chances are you’ll love the brand, ethos and work of La La Land.

Promoting and Supporting Australian & International Artists
You see, not only is La La Land a champion of promoting (and hence supporting) mainly Australian and other international artists and illustrators, it’s passionate about making art its bread and butter. Make that served on its quirky range of melamine plates (called Personality Plates), such as one featuring Yoda dressed as an English gentleman complete with top hat and suit. Chuckle, chuckle.

Chewbacca blowing bubble gum
Sloth astronaut and bubblegum blowing Chewbacca (hahahaha)
|pic fr La La Land website

Ah, no fear for the non-sci-fi-fantasy-galaxy fans, you can still dish up a smile serving up picnic snacks on its popular animal-themed plate sets. I can’t see how I’ll keep a straight face while eating off a plate with a formally-attired rhino smoking a crimson pipe, regarding me with his sideway stare. OK maybe you can, but you should watch it as it could be a sign you might have humour issues or that your heart is slowly turning into stone.

the back of every personality plate
artist details labelled underneath each ‘personality plate’

Do You Own Tea Towels That Stand Against The Ordinary?
It’s no wonder that its playful and whimsical design themes have been so well-received by the media and the public. “The humble tea towel has been hit with a touch of creativity.” Screen-printed locally on high quality linen and cotton, these artistic La La Land tea towels are priced at about $24.95 and will no doubt be framed as works of art. Those who can really bear to use these anything-but-drab tea towels can look forward to laugh-out-chuckles such as prints of a panda bear holding out its paws to form a ‘heart’ sign, or a koala dressed in grand dada’s suspenders.

La La Land tea towels
Tea Towels that stand against the ordinary

Launching Its Crowdfunded Colouring Book
In October of 2015, La La Land also launched, to rather roaring success, its inaugural crowdfunding project on Kickstarter to publish its first colouring book (for adults) for sale. ‘Journey Through La La Land’ , a colouring book for adults, was an artistic project in collaboration with ten of its curated artists to feature their many illustrations and artwork. The result had helped bring the publication to fruition, while a second revamped edition is in the works before Christmas this year.

Meeting Artist Lily Perrott
At the last Finders Keepers Brisbane market, I snapped up some sassy silicon jewellery at La La Land’s stall. It’s also pure surreal delight to meet one of its artists. La La Land’s in-house designer and illustrator, the bubbly Lilly Perrott exudes the brand’s fun personality. Her infectious bright-eyed smiles and animated energy matched their fun goods. She was also visibly excited about showing me their new homewares range, which she promised will become even more extensive between now till the end of the Christmas season this year.

Lily Perrott
In-house Designer & Artist Lilly Perrott of La La Land

Lilly Perrott herself is a passionate and versatile artist who had been trained at New York School Of Visual Arts. She beamed in absolute pride that La La Land has grown in its representation, support and promotion of our local Australian and international artists.

From Cards To Homewares & Jewellery
From a brand that once started its journey as embodying a love for non-mainstream greeting cards designed by artist-illustrators, La La Land has become one to watch as an up and coming purveyor of artist-designer collaborated projects from homewares to jewellery and other accessories.

dancing queen victoria
…you are the dancing queen!! *snort, laugh
pic|La La Land website

How One Could Save The Artist
What’s not to like when us shoppers can become ‘instant patrons of the arts with a mere click. The support behind our retail therapy might just be providing those crucial opportunities for new and growing artists to maintain and extend their professional art practice. When I purchase handmade arts and crafts or artist-designed goods, I know I’m helping to further cultural preservation and meaningful diversity in artistic expression.

Illustration of Prince
RIP the Prince
pic|La La Land website

If you fancy a wee bit of ‘art collecting’ without the lofty price tags, you may want to have a sticky beak and a sniff around at La La Land goodies from its online store or follow on its Facebook or Instagram to be updated on its warehouse trading hours and specials at Murray Street, Sydney.

If you already believe in saving the earth, it could be time to think about…saving the artist.

warehouse of la la land
warehouse shop sales
pic|La La Land
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