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Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016

Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016

The Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016 (autumn/winter) comes with a kind of A-lister vibe that has the tendency to dull most markets that lay claim to the labels ‘design market’ or ‘craft market’. For a real-life ‘Etsy-like’ convention of sellers and buyers, this expertly curated designer-artisan showcase of more than 100 designers is strictly cool: perfect for designer-spying, creative nourishment in the form of artisan-goods-only retail therapy, and definitely for artful (literally) loafing at the sprawling lawns of the Old Museum grounds where it was held. The heritage venue only added to its vintage charm and aesthetic.

Bespoke Letterpress
The Bespoke Letterpress stand at the Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016

Flanked by a small troupe of hipster food vans, artisan coffee caravans and patisserie pop-ups, what could be a lovelier way to spend a whole crafternoon enjoying anything-but-mainstream-tastes while marvelling at how the talented makers make what it is they each make.

Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016
A Saturday crafternoon at Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016

Find Your Creative Inspiration
If it’s true that our restless minds need spates of time wandering in search of creative inspiration, then a place like the Finders Keepers Markets is it. Apart from the startling fact that something as awesome as this can be found in Brisbane, (uh-huh I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t been teleported to Melbourne) it has me definitely wishing it happens more often than it does, which is bi-annually. Can’t believe it’s been around since 2009. Where’ve I been? Must have been living under a rock. Hey, maybe some of us mums got stalled by cute little packages called babies…come to think of it, a stork dropped my package off in the year 2009!

Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016
Beautiful couture stationery handmade by Bespoke Letterpress

Well,well. Next to reading, for me it must be one of the quickest ways to transport myself into another world. I was right there in my element weaving in and out of the artfully displayed tentages swathed in and around the charming lower lawns of the Old Museum, trailing up the steps towards more and more great finds. On the upper verandah levels there were three more studios chockfull with sprawling designer stalls showcasing their very nifty makes.

On the way up I caught sight of Emily Green’s enormous signage, her whimsical polymer clay accessories dangling from peg boards. There was also the very busy Frankie Magazine (one of my favourites) stand tucked away in a neat corner somewhere giving out their limited tees and totes with subscription sign-ups for the weekend.

pic credit|Little Brown Dog Workshop Insta feed
pic credit|Little Brown Dog Workshop Insta feed

From handsomely handmade leather footwear to one-of-a-kind silver jewellery moulded from real succulents, designer lunch carriers, kawaii enamel pins, ceramic earrings, artisan toiletries to couture stationery such as the range designed and lovingly handmade by the talented artisans at Bespoke Letterpress, a whole world of groovy discoveries and delicious arty goodies beckoned and came alive.

veggie patch truck at Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016
Found the Veggie Patch Salad Truck!

Hipster Food Trucks & Pattiserie Pop-ups
As for body fuel there was no lack of spunky choices; the problem was deciding which to raid first. Just the perfect weather to snappily demolish handmade gourmet ice popsicles made of Pear and Rhubarb (how very Masterchef) and Strawberries & Cream from the Frozen Sunshine.

ALLPRESS Espresso Coffee Roasters van
Essential fuel for all creatives available from ALLPRESS Espresso Coffee Roasters — Love the rad coffee caravan fitout!

We got our fix of hipster caffeine from the Allpress Espresso Coffee Roasters while dreaming we could take home their amazing retro caravan to use as our backyard cubby.
And Oh-My-Gggghh…absolutely ambushed by the colourful pillowy marshmallow offerings of the Sweetness Patisserie. One of life’s greatest predicaments might be having to choose from amongst marshmallow mysteries as astonishing as Blueberry & Blood Orange, Gingerbread, Lychee Rose or French Earl Grey.

sweetness patisserie marshmallows
Hmm. Lavender or Blood Orange, that is the question…

There’s such magic in the festivity of craft markets, particularly quality designer & artisan-focused markets especially one as well-curated as the Finders Keepers Market where we definitely had the best time.

Getting To Know The Makers & Creators
I’m also so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet, exchange notes and chat up a handful of the passionate and talented craftisans and creators at this season’s well-presented Finders Keepers Market Brisbane 2016. A truly wonderful avenue for spotlighting Australian designer arts and crafts.

Along with this post I’m sharing more in the following ones about why I loved their brand, art and wares in each of my little chat with just a handful of the clever makers:

Little Brown Dog Workshop
Corner Block Studio
Katherine Wheeler Ceramics (upcoming post)
Nanna Woo (upcoming post)
Lala land (upcoming post)
Kollab (upcoming post)

The next Finders Keepers Market 2016 is slated for the weekend of 5th and 6th November.I’ll race you there.

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