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Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

A few months ago I got myself into the groove of creating some Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery and it’s like falling in love all over again. That had been the last Easter season that had come and gone. I definitely reclaimed one of my first loves for handmade jewellery. There’s nothing quite like an indulgent beach getaway complete with spa treatment to unleash my inner creative energies. It must’ve been those long stretches of relaxed summer play with my kids and their daddy as we spent everyday in giggles, tickles, kisses, ice-cream and the wind in our hair. I reckon endlessly being in the sun, surf and sea surrounded by my favourite people had melted some of my burnout from the first school term.

Polymer Clay Jewellery outofman.com
It’s easy and fun making your own signature clay

My muse at the time was ‘laid-back Queensland summer style’ that had really hit the spot for my handmade craving. I was really digging shades of summer colours muted by golds and olives of autumn.

Polymer Clay: An all-time favourite medium
It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in some Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery crafting and it was rejuvenating to be treading on some familiar territory again. Polymer clay remains my all-time favourite medium. Like cake decorating using fondant sculpting, working with polymer clay is a lot like working with edible fondant. I feel right at home with clay for good reason I guess! The squishing, shaping and rolling braids of rainbow-coloured clay to make ombre shades is not that different from shaping sugar fondant for my cake toppings. My favourite thing these days has to be marbling effects!

Polymer Clay Jewellery outofman.com
egg-inspired earrings

Chic Jewellery Inspired By Interior Trends
I think the world of interiors would approve, now that marbling effects are still quite the rage in home styling trends, almost turning into a classic. Marble is the new black?
I also just can’t seem to get enough of the contrast of gold and coppers bleeding onto muted tones of matte darker-coloured clay to convey that transition between two seasons. I can’t help but be inspired by Easter at the time I made this range—hence the egg-inspired shape of many of my ear studs.

Polymer Clay Jewellery outofman.com
camouflage and geo range

Sneak Preview Of My New Range
My writing has kept me so busy that I’ve only ever had the time to dream of and toy with starting a new range of handmade jewellery and handmade cards. Alas, a new line of commercially available handmade craft does take so much time to roll out. Here’s a sneak preview of some of my recent experimental concepts in terms of design and packaging. I know. As if I have the time! Then again I’ve always relished living dangerously, and more so with each birthday. I’ll keep you posted on this space, if and when I’m ready to launch! For now, these are available only in limited quantities as I’m making some for friends who have ordered a few of these.

Polymer Clay Jewellery outofman.com
clay and wooden bead necklaces

It’s like I couldn’t stop once I got cracking on it and out of all the latent energy emerged some of these necklaces (using a harmonious play of wood and clay) to be family to my new ‘mini dinosaur egg’ ear studs.

If you’ve never tried the craft of polymer clay, you should! It’s one of the easiest to learn and don’t say I didn’t warn you—one of the most addictive crafts around. The versatility of polymer clay makes it suitable for one to dive in at any level of competence. What do you need to get started? I’ve compiled a small list of the tools you’ll need to begin this craft to start making your own Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery.

marbled ear studs
marbled ear studs

List Of Tools and Materials:
Polymer Clay – There’re a few brands available in Australia; FIMO being the most popular (also the most costly), SCULPEY (my preferred) and MONTE MARTE (soft and easier to sculpt) are all the best ones to use.

Oven – You’ll need a good working oven to bake the clay. I have a separate baking sheet/tray I designate for use with my clay projects. Some baking paper is useful as a lining to the baking tray to prevent the clay from sticking.

Flat work surface and liner – You could use anything from a marbled worktop to a stainless steel surface if you’re not lining the top of the surface. A large piece of ceramic tile with a thick corrugated board to protect your desk surface works just as effectively as a sheet of waxed baking paper (taped down) on the top of your desk.

Sharp Tool to make holes – You could use anything ranging from a wooden toothpick or skewer, a straightened paperclip, knitting or crochet needle, sewing needle or even a bead piercing tool. Having a variety of the above in different sizes are handy for a range of hole sizes you need, depending on the thickness of the string, cord or chain you are using to string your bead.

Pasta Machine – If you can get hold of a low-priced one, it’s a time saver to have a pasta machine to make marbling effects on your clay or to mix colours together. The fact that it helps you produce a uniform width and a smooth surface on your clay is enough to entice you to get one once you get serious about polymer clay.

Rolling Pin – I use a silicon rolling pin for my clay projects. You can use anything from wooden to plastic rolling pins or even a glass bottle if that’s all you have.

Knife or cutter – I use either an Anti-cutter or a rolling pizza cutter for all my projects. A metal ruler is handy for scoring straight lines.

Others – I also use sand paper for buffing my clay to smoothen the surface. To ‘varnish’ your clay, use only the varnishes and sealants suited to clay surfaces. I sometimes use my rubber stamps or Fiskar embossing sheets to add interesting texture to my projects.

What’s your favourite medium if you make handcrafted jewellery?

Meanwhile, if you’re also a maker, regardless of whether you blog like me, keep the making going. Just as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts on finding your creative mojo again, one of the world’s most controversial artists once said…

‘Don’t think about making art.
Just get it done.
Let everyone else decide if it’s
whether they
While they’re deciding
Make even more ART.’
Andy Warhol

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