stamped cactus gift tags

Stamped Cactus Gift Tags

stamped cactus gift tags
stamped cactus gift tags

Stamped Cactus Gift Tags
This week I rejuvenated my lifelong love for the cactus which inspired a series of cactus-inspired paper crafts starting with these stamped cactus gift tags. It all happened when, to my great delight, I found my long-lost cactus juicer in my kitchen cabinets while doing a spot of de-cluttering. Found myself squealing like my own little girl when she finds herself in a candy store…yup.

It was Christmas in May, no less. And there it was—my favourite cactus-shaped manual juicer designed by Gear Atelier for Living Gear in 1995. I think this qualifies it as one of my ‘vintage’ homewares, ha. I love that this particular cactus isn’t just a gorgeous and stylish piece of eye candy but a juicer that really, really works when I need a quick shot of liquid vitamin C in the mornings. It also had a special sentimental value as it reminds me of our honeymoon a long time ago when Melbourne had been one of our shopping stops before flying to New Zealand!

cactus crafts
Cactus gift tags

If you know me you’ll know I’m someone with an odd weakness for prickly greens that grow in the hot tropics; from my love of thorny durians to cacti.  I can never seem to get enough of anything spotted in a cactus design, from novelty stationery to fabric laundry hampers and enamel lapel pins.  Real life potted cacti have been known to make my knees grow weak!

It’s with pleasure that I hauled out some of my best-loved acrylic stamps to have a play with—and this set from Creative Pl is one of my absolute favourite-favourites! I made not only a bunch of stamped cactus gift tags but a fun little cactus-themed bunting for my cork board that could double up as a snazzy book shelf bunting. Goes wonderfully with my fabric cactus!

Just because. For the love of the cactus, cacti, cactuses. And of course, to usher in the weekend without feeling prickly about work!

cactus crafts
Cactus gift tags

Cactus Gift Tags

Time: 10 minutes (make 3-4)
Acrylic Stamps (assorted cacti designs—from Creative Pl)
Acrylic block
Stamp Pads (Versa colour; Fresh Green and Real Black)
Punch Hole Seals (in dark and light green from Daiso)
Butcher’s Twine (in green and white)
Heavy card stock, white

Scissors, Pen knife or Guillotine (To trim card stock)
Circle Punch (5mm)


Pre-cut card stock to desired size for gift tags.
Carefully align stamp design (flat side onto acrylic block) in centre of block.
Dab ink onto stamps using stamp pads as evenly as possible. Carefully stamp image onto pre-cut white card stock.

Punch out a hold at corner or card stock using circle punch. Adhere punch hole seal.
Trim and tie butcher’s twine into punched hole by folding twine into half, inserting the top and end into the hole then looping it back up to secure and tighten.

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