Cactus bunting

Cactus Bunting Craft Tutorial

Cactus Bunting Craft Tutorial
I don’t know about you but I’m going to be forever in love with cactuses. On my last trip to Gardens By The Bay on our annual Singapore food-shopping-hugging-loved-ones holiday, I probably spent the most time at the cacti gardens wishing I could take them all home for my own native Aussie garden. It’s no surprise then to my family and pals that I’ve come up with some sort of cactus-themed craft for my home (again) here in this post. This one I absolutely adore to the core; marrying my craze for buntings with my favourite prickly greens. Hope you have fun with this Cactus Bunting Craft Tutorial as much as I did!

Cactus Bunting (Mini)Cactus bunting Cactus bunting

Cactus bunting
Cactus bunting

*if you haven’t got a die-cut machine, it’s still possible to do this project manually. Print then hand cut the cactus shapes. I found the print file originally from the beautiful French illustration blog I love.

However, if you are a Cricut Explore user like me, it is possible to download the file here cactus-1 to the Cricut Design Space (note: you must first ‘save as’ .jpg image and then get the Design Space software to convert the .jpg file to a ‘cut’ file if you weren’t intending to ‘print’ and cut the images by hand.

Cactus bunting
Cactus bunting

Time: 40 minutes (including cutting and assembly)
Natural Cotton Yarn
Card stock in 3 colours/designs
Cactus Designs (Print and Cut files from

Scissors, Die-cutting machine e.g. *Circut Explore

Cactus bunting
Cactus bunting


Download the original cactus design file here in cactus-1. Convert file into a .jpg on your PC or Mac. Load Cricut Design Space software and upload the .jpg file. Unselect the background and click on (to unselect) all the punch ‘holes’ so that the background is now transparent. Convert the image to a ‘CUT’ file.

Upload the image onto your ‘New Project’ file in Cricut Design Space.
Follow the prompts to cut. I cut mine three times using 3 different coloured papers: 1 x frosted, 1 x matt olive green, 1 x marbled green.

If you’re printing then cutting the shapes by hand, the following step still applies for assembling the bunting:

String the yarn through the holes of each cactus shape you’ve cut. After each insertion, tie a quick knot to fasten shape into place on the yarn to prevent them from moving around.

You can make this bunting to your desired length. It could also be used to decorate a Fiesta-themed cake!

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