Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches

still drying out from a liberal application of Mod Podge outofman.com
still drying out from a liberal application of Mod Podge

Easy DIY Make Over For Boring Light Switches

I recently gave one drab-looking light switch the ultimate makeover. As the wildly successful de-cluttering book ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo puts it, when an object in our home no longer sparks joy any longer, it’s high time to ditch it. Well, I took Kondo’s ruthless advice except that up-cycling is always more palatable for the hoarder that I tend to be.

My daughter wasn’t very pleased at all that I’d given our once boring-looking light switch a delightful, easy DIY make over. It was simply the one light switch plate that bothered me the most, although through no fault of its own. I understand my little girl’s offence at this petty bit of household injustice inflicted on a switch plate cover that appeared fine without any human intervention. Then again, my daughter is offended whenever her rag doll has been moved half a millimetre from its sleeping position, a crime I seem to commit each time I make her bed. She has fabulous eyesight, my girl, sometimes too fabulous for her mother’s own good.

It looks so...much...better outofman.com
It looks so…much…better

To be fair, the light switch looked just like every other one in our whole house. The offending problem can be attributed to what sounds so much like a real estate agent’s mantra: “location, location, location”, which was really on the white wall facing right across the kitchen. What bothered me was that it looked so starkly ‘off-white’ against the same white wall—the usual background where we have our annual family birthday pictures taken. (Not sure why we always do, but am beginning to think it could actually be rather cool to do a time lapse photo slide in another decade. Rather ‘Addams Family-esque’ don’t you think).

choose a great paper! mine is a writer's fave of course... outofman.com
choose a great paper!
mine is a writer’s fave of course…

Yes as I was saying, the off-white colour looked like a dirty white, reminding me of my son’s school socks. Actually rather handy when I retrieve cleaned and crisp socks off the laundry line and can tell my children’s socks apart very easily (though they wear the same size). Hers are royally pristine as the day I got them and the colour of pure alabaster, no less. My boy’s are rather like white bunnies who frolicked in the Ganges yet smell like Febreze.

Sorry I tend to get carried away talking about them.
This is meant to be a post on how to give your switch plate a lovely makeover. If it could talk, it’d thank you for it. Let’s get started, shall we.

Light Switch plate cover (removed)
Scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper (You could also use photographs)
Anti-cutter or exacto knie
Mod Podge
Soft brush
Some water in a small container
Paint palette to dilute Mod Podge

1.remove cover outofman.com
1.remove cover

2.Trace holes  outofman.com
2.Trace holes

3.Cut holes & trim paper outofman.com
3.Cut holes & trim paper

glue on with Mod Podge and seal the top surface. Picture shows the light switch cover still drying out from a liberal application of Mod Podge outofman.com
still drying out from a liberal application of Mod Podge

Begin by removing the light switch plate cover. Simply yank just the top part away—it’d come off quite easily to your surprise.

Place it upside down on the under side of the paper you have selected. Now, trace the ‘square’ holes and its perimeter with a pencil onto the paper.

Remove the cover and start cutting out the holes you have traced—the holes allow the switch buttons to be inserted through.

Dilute some Mod Podge on your pallette with a soft brush and start applying it onto the switch plate cover. Quickly adhere the paper(right side up for both paper and cover) on the top according to the cut out holes as your guide.

Flip it upside down again and trim the corners, then seal it with more Mod Podge.
Apply more Mod Podge on the top of the paper to seal and varnish the top surface. Leave to to dry.

Voila. One happy made over light switch plate cover to call your very own. Mine’s full of typewriters, but naturally. xx

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