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I’m Grateful For These…

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I’ve been waxing lyrical again, pun intended, as you will soon see. As I sat on the bar stool of my kitchen countertop this morning spooning crushed nuts and seeds into my breakfast muesli, the sweet-citrus scent of lemons and a ripe melon nearby fills the air. I’m suddenly reminded to be grateful for everything in my life and autumn’s best gifts: earthy aromas and the crisp smell of April showers evoking comfort in cooler weather. With Christmas over yet the positivity of the new year still salient, many of us are still procrastinating our resolutions while still dreaming of a physical reboot with our health, body, mind and soul, and ways we can improve our health and well-being.

Practicing gratitude is just one of the ways to meditate and be at peace as life races on filling up our calendars steadily. In our family, we’re sticking to making a difference a little at a time. Shh…we’ve been fooling the kids with substituting white jasmine rice with the less starchy basmati, along with sneaking in more vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

Besides our diet, we’re bringing back exercise to boost our energy levels and moods even on these cloudy days. Of late I’ve been grateful to indulge in hot spa soaks again, something I haven’t done since my first pregnancy in 2009! …a luxurious ritual triggered by our recent resort getaway! Well, it’s the perfect remedy for exercise aches. Finally resuscitated my jacuzzi which thankfully is still working after seven years of loneliness!So much to be grateful for!

My recent languid spa soaks had been the best ‘feel-good’ anti-stress therapy I’d forgotten I used to enjoy before I became a mum. One good thing seems to lead to another. Just last evening as I let myself melt away with the swirling fizzy jets, I revived one more forgotten ritual in my life: lighting a scented candle WHILE I’m in my spa! Something about the amber glow of a flickering candle and the ‘aromatherapy effect’ of a scented candle had truly taken my spa baths up a notch.

Besides looking at or making art, few things can calm me faster than lighting a scented candle whether I’m in the bath or not! Don’t we all find ourselves drawn to the warming glow of candles with autumn chilling up?

Product Review & Win A Mother’s Day Giveaway of Circa Home’s Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood ‘Gratitude’ edition candle

So it’s with pleasure and gratitude that I received this handsome glass jar of scented soy candle from Circa Home’s (Limited Edition & Australian-made) Honeyflower & Sandalwood Collection that arrived yesterday for my sampling and review as well as a stylish note pad designed to complement its Gratitude Collection theme. (Note:I have neither been reimbursed nor been required under any obligation to provide a positive review for my experience).

The Honeyed Flower & Sandalwood scented candle | pic Circa Home
The Honeyed Flower & Sandalwood scented candle | pic Circa Home

I must say I had high hopes as I was already enjoying the undertones of its caramelised scent while unravelling the detailed packaging. I was quite delighted with its ‘minimalist styling’: its round dark woodgrain lid (doubles as a base), its gold ‘CH’ emblem and the limited edition gold printed ‘Gratitude’ sentiment on a frosted glass jar. I liked how it looked clean-cut and contemporary enough to complement even my eclectic home interiors. As a candle lover, it’s imperative that the candles I light are created with renewable resources like soy which is both eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic and its cotton wicks are lead-free. I was relieved to tick both of these boxes with this product.

Lighting it for the first time, I did have to remain patient before I could catch a more pronounced ‘scent throw’ from this candle. But when it finally said hello, my nose was greeted by a welcome I’d describe as ‘Christmassy’! It’s not quite cinnamon that I smell yet there’s the underlying note of an unmistakable woody musk of sandalwood (minus the spice) peeking from a more dominant sweet butterscotch caramel aroma. I can’t be certain if ‘my constantly being around and thinking about baked goods’ is betraying my better judgement, but lo and behold, do I smell a hint of chocolate caramel now? By now my bedroom is now enveloped in a vanilla-dominated scent throw that’s a little like…er, my Easter baking? I think I liked that its overall personality was subtle and nothing over-powering—just clean, light and pleasant with sweet-smelling honeyed vanilla with a complementary hint of earthy musk from the sandalwood.

I can’t think of a more appropriate scent to match our autumn menu of comfort food. It even smells good enough to help me skip dessert, ha! (A weight-loss assistance candle?) All I need to do is close my eyes after dinner and the glow and scent of this candle evokes my memory of a childhood tale, ‘The Little Match Girl’. In my mind’s eye it evokes a manifestation of a Victoria sponge cake drizzled with butterscotch frosting and macadamia nuts. I’m satiated. I feel, well, home and warm in my heart. What a welcome way to usher autumn. I also love the heartfelt ‘GRATITUDE’ theme of this limited edition collection. The box says it beautifully,’As warm and inviting as a hug from mum and reminds us of everything we’re grateful for.’

Here’s more information on the retail price and details of The Honeyflower & Sandalwood ‘Gratitude’ edition candle and collection, but there’s an even better way to nab one for yourself and your mum this coming Mother’s Day—WIN THE WHOLE COLLECTION HERE compliments of Circa Home! Just tell them (in 25 words or less) what you’re grateful for. It’s a truly generous hamper of so many goodies you won’t believe so much is included in this luxurious giveaway. The competition commences Monday 11 April and closes Sunday 1 May 2016. Open to Australian residents aged 18 and over. Full T&Cs are on the website.

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Honeyflower & Sandalwood Fragrance Diffuser|Circa Home
Honeyflower & Sandalwood Fragrance Diffuser|Circa Home
Honeyflower & Sandalwood Soy Melts|Circa Home
Honeyflower & Sandalwood Soy Melts|Circa Home
Limited Edition Electric Wax Warmer|Circa Home
Limited Edition Electric Wax Warmer|Circa Home

Stockists – Circa Home is available from its online store and nationally at Bed Bath N’ Table, David Jones and selected exclusive gift and homeware stores.

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