Mother’s Day Giveaway: Minc Foil Card

Have you got a card prepared for mum yet? We have just the solution in our Mother’s Day Giveaway to promote comments on our blog. Our readers seem shy and I’ve been trying to channel more comments to blog posts rather than messages via our Facebook page!

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Minc Foil Card
Don’t miss the chance to get mum one of my handcrafted Heidi Swapp Minc gold foil sentiment cards for Mother’s Day! We’re inviting comments on our blog posts starting with this one. All you need to do to go into a draw to win one of these cards is to contribute a comment after the following post in the box all the way at the end of this post below marked ‘Leave A Reply’. All comments must be submitted by 1 May, 2016 by 12:00 midnight. This giveaway is only open to all Australian residents with an Australian postal address. We have 6 of these cards to give out in our draw.

Winners will be notified to submit postal address details via email which must be submitted before end of close at on 2 May 2016 to be eligible for the giveaway. All winners will be announced by 2 May, 2016 on our Facebook page. We can’t wait for you to share your thoughts with us.

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Minc Foil Card

Win one of these 4 cards by leaving a comment after this post! {please note that winning prize includes only 1 card per winner and does not include the other items shown here}
Win one of these 4 cards by leaving a comment after this post! {please note that winning prize includes only 1 card per winner and does not include the other items shown here}

It’s Mother’s Day on May 8th and I find myself trying to make sense of my own motherhood. As I hook up my mind with what’s inside my heart, I’m at a loss of what to make of my own motherhood as compared to my own mum’s. I love my kids dearly and I must say it’s truly all joy but frankly not all fun…not always anyway! Even though I’m grateful for them every moment—let’s be clear on that! It’s a BIG Job being a mum. It’s just…why do I feel so much older and way more exhausted than my mum had ever been at the same age she was a long time ago?

As much as I’m grateful for my extremely supportive spouse, I do still feel overwhelmed at times by my ‘to do’ list. You see, it doesn’t help to be one of those women who frets over having a spotless house to come home to and one who has little patience for disorganisation or tardiness. Don’t even get me started on my ‘must be’ list.

I'm sorry...
I’m sorry…

Amidst the challenges of our busy life, being a mum can truly take its toll on the modern woman. A mother of the 21st century is a dramatically evolved woman who faces unprecedented pressures either at home, at work or both. Mums are today required to stretch beyond traditional mothering duties. No longer just confined to childbearing, nursing and tending to a child’s physiological needs, us mums today wear more hats than ever as compared to the previous generations before us.

when you feel neglected...
when you feel neglected…

Right. On this Mother’s Day, I’m calling for some perspective. To make sense of my motherhood is to tell myself (maybe all our women and mothers) to not be hard on myself. To perhaps abandon all preconceptions about what a good mum ‘should’ be. Instead, we should take time to focus more on what will benefit our mental and emotional well-being as mothers in order to be more effective mothers. It means reminding myself ‘I don’t always know, and I shouldn’t always be expected to know (everything) to be a great mum’. It’s cutting myself that bit of slack. It’s knowing I’m allowed to falter, to make mistakes along the way, sans guilt of failing or feeling like vermin when I have horrendous days that make me want to throw in the towel. I realise the only way forward is to allow myself room to evolve and grow as a mother, to be entirely free from what others expect of me or want me to be. It’s the only way a mum can find that balance she needs.

As my mothering experience continues to evolve, I recognise I’ll never stay the same every Mother’s Day. Each year I’ll learn that all my ups and downs of motherhood shall continue to shape me as I grow in maturity and wisdom as a mum. I’m committed to letting my motherhood experience help transform me for the better.

i love it when...
i love it when…

Quite simply, if I can’t even get it together, how will my own kids make it in the world? It definitely takes courage to be up to the colossal task of shaping the future, starting with our own children, one step at a time. A better world begins with us and what we do with our kids. Knowing this, my hope is that all mums, regardless of age, will help one another along this similar path as we pass one another. Less judging and criticising will be a good start! To all those who lack tact in this area, erm…maybe try to keep your claws to yourself when you’re tempted to pass judgement. Encourage a mum today. Offer help rather than advice. It would be so much appreciated. Why be cruel when you know it’s the hardest job in the world? Don’t fault another mum for what she does differently from you. We all need to be on board to forge a path that mums can journey together so that none shall ever feel bullied, weary or alone.

best friend...
best friend…

I’m not sure about you but I’m the first to admit I’m far from being the perfect mum. Having said that, all mothers need to be around kind souls and strangers and in circumstances where our fallibility is readily accepted rather than looked upon as something that needs fixing.

Oh. That and Happy Mother’s Day of course, to all mums reading. And if you’re not a mum, remember to be kind to yours and anyone who is one. Don’t forget to leave your comment below to stand a chance to win a card for your mum! Don’t forget to check out our other Mother’s Day giveaway contest via Circa Home to win yourself and your mum each a fabulous home fragrance hamper!

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