Easter Egg Dress Ups!






Happy Easter! Not to make you jealous but as we just got back recharged and rejuvenated from our beach getaway (to celebrate my recent birthday) I’ve barely had time to dye our eggs this year!

Before Easter is over (there’s still Easter Monday left tomorrow!)I wanted to quickly post how we managed to keep our Easter egg decorating tradition alive and well…despite having NO TIME at all. It’s probably the fastest way to preserve a well-loved tradition in our family each year…introducing our Lim family’s annual Easter Egg Dress Up activity, where we each use simple origami paper and crazy stickers to jazz up our egg-cellent alter-‘eggo’s.

Just so we can ‘pretend play’ with the kiddos and secretly approve of our fantasy dapper hair-dos, all without even staining our fingers with a single drop of food dye.
Tada! Prepare to be egg-mazed!

Easter Egg Dress Ups – 4 Characters

4 Hard-boiled eggs
Origami Paper in 4 colours
4 Egg Cups or similar
4 sets Stickers (eyes, mouths, or moustache, glasses etc)
Tacky Craft Glue


Boil fresh eggs to hard-boiled stage. Drain and dry with a tea towel.
Rest each egg on an egg cup. Stick on self-adhesive stickers to make a face on each egg.(you can paint them or use markers if you haven’t got stickers handy).
Snip up some origami paper for the hair.
Glue on the top of each egg with some tacky craft glue.

Voila! I did say it was easy, didn’t I.
Happy Easter with blessing,

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