Chocolate Easter Rainbow Popcorn

I was going to name the original title of this post ‘Birthday Rainbow Popcorn’, but seeing that we’re in the sugary territory of Easter soon, I thought it quite apt to share it as an Easter party snack recipe. Trust me, it’s so easy that if you’re sometimes running a little out of time (like me) but was gunning for something sweet and indulgent with some oomph at your party, you can’t go wrong with this treat!

Nothing quite says “Let’s Be Happy” like a marvellous mountain of ‘hundreds and thousands’ edible confetti sprinkles upon a crusty bed of popcorn drizzled with white-and-pink chocolate; yummmm”.

yeah, just..don't ask
yeah, just..don’t ask

Nothing quite says “Let’s Be Happy” like a marvellous mountain of ‘hundreds and thousands’ edible confetti sprinkles upon a crusty bed of popcorn drizzled with white-and-pink chocolate; yummmm.

Remember eating Fairy Bread when you were a kid? Let’s just go ahead and call this Fairy Popcorn if you want!

Good Things Are Always Rainbow-Coloured!
Good Things Are Always Rainbow-Coloured!

In fact, I’d go as far as to make the bold claim that if you’re making this for your birthday ( I did) this may just help take away a bit of that sigh at turning another year older… as this also happens to be (drum roll) my own birthday popcorn!

makes us feel so rad popcorn
makes us feel so rad popcorn

A creation inspired by Pinterest and born out of my kids’ constant badgering about wanting a cake to be ready on my actual birthday itself (just so the little buggers could do their whole song-wish-candle blowout routine on me), it was actually a rather fun and fabulous substitute for cake (buying me some time before my actual cake was fully assembled) good enough to finally appease their over-enthusiasm, thank God. With some quick thinking and resourcefulness coupled with my best effort at a little individual style, I managed to salvage what I had in the pantry at the time—popcorn, chocolate melts and hundreds and thousands left over from my kid’s last birthday party.

Voila! It’s why I had my Willy Wonka moment. Something you might want to try too for a kids’ party or perhaps your very own? 100% happiness at first sight!

Chocolate Easter Rainbow Popcorn
1 1/2 cups melted white chocolate (coloured with a tinge of food gel colour of your choice) Note: You could also use milk chocolate or dark chocolate if you prefer.

1/4 cup vegetable shortening (omit if you want chocolate to set harder)

8 cups of already-popped popcorn

1/2 cup ‘hundreds and thousands’ (or any coloured sprinkles*)

*Variation: (Add colourful cheerios i.e. ‘Fruit Loops’)

The Happy Popcorn!
The Happy Popcorn!

Begin by melting the chocolate in a microwave at intervals (stirring each time) until melted and smooth. If you’re adding vegetable shortening to the warm chocolate, stir well until combined. Otherwise, this is the point you add a bit of food gel colouring of your choice to the white chocolate.

Pour the cooked popcorn into a large mixing bowl, drizzle the warm chocolate over the popcorn, and stir until evenly coated. Mix well using a non-stick spatula if you have one. Otherwise—chopsticks work great too! Or salad spoons!
Transfer the popcorn onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and add the sprinkles to coat the surface of the popcorn. Let the chocolate set on the popcorn.

Such a happy party dish to set on the table for any celebration you want, including a fun alternative Easter dessert! Would do great as a party favour for your guests to take home—just remember to package it prettily! Think takeout boxes, cones, colourful boxes, decorative cupcake-muffin cups inserted into clear cellophane bags with ribbon ties etc! Just be warned…with such a happy-looking popcorn tasting as good as it looks, make more or regret later! Watch out for those stealthy little hands at the dessert table or watch them disappear like magic in no time!

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