Christmas Reindeer Pennant Flag

I do love flags as I do banners but I love, love, love most of all, bunting in its full festive happy glory! Oh those colourful triangular little flags hanging and stretching across from point to point like a smile, billowing and beckoning in the breeze on a clear summer’s day. What a happy scene they set for any occasion. I’m always sewing leftover scraps of fabric into some kind of themed bunting to save for a party or event setting, a classic decorative touch I use again and again that never ever gets tired. I make them out of paper too, especially for my baking decorations and have used burlap, hessian and wood at times for a touch of ‘rustic’ or ‘vintage’. My obsession with bunting shall never end, and has now extended beyond to…pennant flags!

There’s something just so bold and celebratory about hanging a pennant—one of those flags that taper to a point on a rod, or the reverse, like the end of a two-pointed ribbon bow. I think I use pennants as a statement decorative feature to set the tone for my interiors, and change them regularly to suit seasonal colours.

Needless to say, I had to sew up a Christmas pennant to tie in with our Scandinavian theme this year and I’m super happy with how this Christmas reindeer pennant flag has turned out. I’ve made it just that little bit heavier using a denim backing and some fusible webbing for added shape. There you go. A bit of Rudolph here, and there, all within less than an hour. What I love about this easy project is that it takes so little time to put together but has such a great visual impact and really sets the theme for our Christmas this year! Which reminds me—I better get my Christmas shopping sorted soon! Not long at all. My favourite time of year!

get a happy look poms poms and reindeer pennant
get a happy look
poms poms and reindeer pennant

reindeer pennant
reindeer pennant

Project: Christmas Reindeer Pennant Flag
Time: 40 minutes
Denim fabric
Scandinavian Reindeer fabric
Denim thread
Interfacing/ fusible webbing
Wooden dowel – 6mm
Butcher’s twine or string for tying

Tools & Equipment:
Sewing Machine
Scissors (for fabric only)
Hand saw or thick pliers (to slice wooden dowel)


Cut your material into the following dimensions:
Length – 16.5” (down)
Width – 11.5” (across)
Fold down the middle of the material and make a diagonal fold so that it forms a point down the centre when unfolded. Using a ruler, draw a diagonal line with pencil to 7”. The two triangular diagonal ends should measure about 7”. Snip the excess off.

Cut some webbing or interfacing to line the front piece of fabric to give it added shape and weight. Iron it to fuse the shiny side to the back of the front piece of fabric—in my case, it would be the back of the reindeer fabric.

Place both pieces of the denim and reindeer print material back to back so that the wrong side up is showing and the correct sides are now hidden and facing inside.

correct sides facing inside
correct sides facing inside

tack pieces together before machine stitching
tack pieces together before machine stitching

Pin the both pieces of material together or tack them with thread. Machine stitch the edges by starting your stitches from about 1 cm away from the edge. Do not sew the top of the pennant so that you can turn it out to reveal the correct side.

Turn it out and you should now see the correct sides (reindeer print in front and denim at back).
Machine stitch the top end to seal it by folding in the fabric about 1 cm in, then making a straight stitch across.

Machine stitch the edges again, this time you’ll be sewing on the front side of the reindeer fabric, about 1 cm away from the edge. This is to give the pennant flag more definition.

Cut the wooden dowel to size and if needed, sand the end of the cut side to smoothen it.
Fold the fabric a few centimetres down to make a loop to insert the dowel. Machine stitch straight across to secure the loop. Insert the wooden dowel through the loop. Hang using butcher’s twine or any string of choice.

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