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I love and have somewhat of a little obsession with boards. Chopping boards and paddle boards for my kitchen, cork boards and magnetic boards in every room in my house. But instead of using them to pin reminders and notices, I always seem to manage to turn most of them into mood boards—and on these I like to pin our candid polaroids or my favourite things which have got to be my bits of inspiration, like quotations, magazine images, colour swatches, pieces of fabric, brochures, leftover scrapbook paper and any other bits that inspire me to create.

start with this...
start with this…

finish with this! just add messages & inspiration
finish with this!
just add messages & inspiration

Inspiration Board
I didn’t set out to create this inspiration board the way it’s turned out. But like many of my art projects, I like letting things evolve on their own and the end result is always a joy,however unexpected or unplanned. At first I needed a board to showcase the earrings I design so as to visualise my ‘work-in-progress’ as I go along, in order to create each range either according to a colour, design or material scheme.

In the end I found something else to use for that purpose and instead—decided I liked this rustic-looking frame so much that I’m using it as my inspiration board with inspiring quotes and photos I love. I love that the chalkboard at the top doubles as a scribble-doodle space.

I used a ready-made frame that was pre-installed with wire. I reckon you could use any old frame that you have lying around for an ‘upcycle’ project;by adding nails at the back of the edges of the frame and string twine from one end to the other for the same effect. You could even add a ‘backdrop’ of your favourite papers or fabric for texture. The key thing is to realise how easy it is to put something like this together in minutes and make something personal for your home.
Am going to make more boards after this!

just add paints!
just add paints!

for your inspiration & messages!
for your inspiration & messages!

Time: a 20-minute project at the most; allow for 2 hours (mostly due to drying time)
Unfinished Pine Wooden Frame ($6.99 from RIOT)
Acrylic paints in a light and dark contrasting shade
Crackle medium
Thick flat brush
Butcher’s twine (I used grey-white)
Mini wooden pegs (plain wood, or decorate with paints, washi tape, glitter or scrapbook paper)

Choose 2 acrylic colours—one in dark and the other one a contrasting lighter shade. Start by painting the lighter shade as the base colour all over the pine frame. Let it dry to to a ‘touch-dry’ state and begin applying the crackle medium on top of the base colour. Leave it to dry till it’s ‘touch-dry’ again. Then apply the darker shade. There’s no need to be super neat with your brush strokes as we’re after a shabby chic look. Leave to dry.

Once dry, tie butcher’s twine from one end of the wire to the other. Vary the length of the space between one row to the next depending on the size of the images or ‘cards’ you’re planning on pinning up.

Use mini wooden pegs to hold and pin your images. My daughter had thought I bought this from one of my absolute favourite stores, TYPO. It does look like it might belong there, doesn’t it.

unpainted pine frame with wire
unpainted pine frame
with wire
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