Vacation in Singapore

Vacation=Vacate=leave (a place that one previously occupied)

I apologise for my long hiatus on this blog. I’m ‘home’ away from home.I’m on vacation in Singapore and I’ve been busy. Busy eating. Busy watching. Busy hearing. Busy learning. Busy just savouring every taste, sensation and emotion with as much enhanced pleasure as I can muster, because this is what you do when you’re being earnest on your travels, yearning to let loose, longing to make memories for life, being open to every exciting possibility.

It’s been long overdue, this ‘vacation’— perhaps so named because I know I for one needed to ‘vacate’ not just physically from where I was but I needed to get away from it all. Getting away was just what I needed. I love that we haven’t got a schedule in place, much less keep a regular bedtime for the kids. What luxury it is to wake up long after the sun has cast its first light of dawn. Suddenly the extra sleep seems overrated because your heightened senses about every triviality makes you ever so delighted and motivated to explore. Suddenly I find myself making all those unexpected connections, freeing my inner inhibitions so that nothing can come between me and what I just happen to know is going to be one true adventure until my next. Could this be the very reason we all need that vacation every now and then, if nothing, just to shed ourselves off to become ‘that brand new man’ after a holiday?

For a creative person, I love that travelling never fails to inspire me to get more creative. So even as I take a practical break from cooking, crafting, baking or any of the creative disciplines I love, I’ve haven’t at all stopped creating—only that this time I’m doing so in my mind’s eye. Even as I eat I’m eating with my senses turned up, dissecting every flavour, colour, texture and taste. They say a vacation is the best antidote when one’s creativity has become jaded. I couldn’t agree more. On this holiday I find myself finally letting down my guard so that I can be relaxed and be able to daydream, which is exactly what I didn’t have the time or chance to do while ‘fighting fire’ on a daily basis.

Daydreaming has done wonders for the projects I’ve been working on both in writing and in my other personal pursuits. I find myself having a clearer focus once I let the pressures ease off from the immediate need to give deadlines my full attention and energies. Taking this vacation has suddenly spun many of the solutions I have been meaning to construct for months without result. It’s been a Eureka! after Eureka! in between fruity cocktails and amidst easy banter and laughter. It’s so true that we sometimes do have to consciously disconnect in order to connect to our best effect.

I’ll be doing a series of posts on my Singapore travels once I’ve consolidated my collection of images and travel journal entries. I’ll have to say there hasn’t been a more interesting time to travel to Singapore. It’s just seen its most hotly contested General Elections in 50 years of political history and Singapore is still decked out in full festivity celebrating the triumph of its ruling party, the PAP, while still basking in the glow of its SG50 celebrations. (Singapore celebrates its 50th jubilee as a nation this year).

If only it isn’t also that dreadful time of year when Singapore gets engulfed by a thick smog of suffocating haze, thanks to Indonesia’s recalcitrant annual practice of forest burning to clear more land for plantation use. Whether or not the imminent F1 Grand Prix will still go ahead in Singapore is anyone’s guess now with the PSI (a pollutant parameter) still hovering at 148 (an unhealthy air quality range would be 100-200) with wide speculation that this could rise and deteriorate further.

Most people are just a little upset that they can’t go running or enjoy the outdoors. I’m super annoyed that the haze sounds the death knell for me in terms of scouring for durians at the rustic roadside stalls along Geylang and perhaps the end of my Tiong Bahru hawker centre breakfast crawls. Alas, farewell my beloved Chwee Kueh.

Well if you’re in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, keep calm and put on that mask! Keep well.
When will I post again? I don’t really know. I’m on vacation, remember? I promise I’ll be back.

pic credit cloudnet
pic credit cloudnet
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