Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream

Thank God for the saner winter days lately that are more characteristic of our usual Brissie winter. Hopefully it’s ‘adios’ to the cold snap that overtook our lives a couple of weeks ago. I was frozen into a stupor mostly and had found it hard to think or function normally, much less imagine licking ice-cream.

So it’s fairly predictable that I wanted to dance when the sun came out to play again and we could peel off the beanies, scarves and layers of woolly sweaters and Uggs to get into regular shoes again. This means one thing, it’s the best weather just perfect…for ice-cream again! Just the right temperature to sustain an icy sweet from start to finish, but I’m talking about something even better…FRO YO!

Who doesn’t love yoghurt, especially when it’s frozen to a stiff and creamy consistency like a swirl of ‘soft serve’ ice-cream; just a whole lot better-tasting?

Mmmmm...homemade Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream with fresh strawberries
Mmmmm…homemade Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream with fresh strawberries

Homemade frozen vanilla yoghurt ice-cream is delightfully lighter than traditional vanilla ice-cream with a touch of tanginess that’s just perfect on the palate. It’s good for you without any of the nasties that come with factory-produced, pre-packaged supermarket brands. I also stay away from the ones from most of the frozen yoghurt dessert shops at malls which vaguely resemble or taste of any real yoghurt at all!

Cuisinart Ice-cream Maker
Cuisinart Ice-cream Maker

I love making a batch of my own frozen vanilla yoghurt as a guilt-free alternative to my other richer homemade ice-creams. I also prefer to offer my homemade ‘Fro Yo’ to my kids as a healthier option to their cold desserts. For its yoghurt base, I tend to use Vaaila’s plain low-fat natural vanilla yoghurt to make mine but you can use any brand of your preference, even Greek-style natural yoghurt. Even Ben & Jerry’s has released a ‘Greek Frozen Yoghurt’ flavour out of their inventive lineup of addictive icy tubs, complete with ‘Vanilla Honey Caramel!

Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yoghurt pic credit
Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yoghurt
pic credit

Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream
Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream

The good news is, it’s a no-brainer idiot-proof dessert anyone can create at home. Too good to keep to myself, I’m sharing it with you. I enjoy using my trusty ice-cream maker (pictured here) but you can simply mix it by hand and freeze it overnight if you haven’t got a machine. The machine does takes the work out of the hand-mixing.

Vaalia Natural Yoghurt pic credit
Vaalia Natural Yoghurt
pic credit

The following recipe makes about a litre of frozen yoghurt. My Tip: I love to add fruit or muesli (sometimes both) to mine, making it a hearty and filling breakfast in itself especially on summer mornings or as a satisfying afternoon snack.

3 C natural low-fat natural yoghurt
3/4 to 1 C caster sugar (it can be less if you prefer it less sweet)
2 tsp vanilla paste (what I would usually use) or 3 tsp vanilla extract

Extra Toppings: (optional)
1-3 TB toasted crunchy muesli mix (fruit free)
cut fruit (bananas, strawberries, kiwis or other berries are best) or drizzle of caramel, honey or melted chocolate with crushed nuts of your choice

Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream at home
Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream at home

Directions for Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Ice-cream:

Get a medium mixing bowl for the above and mix well with a wooden spoon till the sugar is all dissolved.

In a ready-chilled mixer of your ice-cream machine, transfer the contents of the mixing bowl in and start your machine. Put on a timer for at least 30 minutes of churning.

The yoghurt ice-cream can be served straight from the machine (it will be creamier at the onset) but will benefit from further freezing overnight for the vanilla flavour to fully infuse.

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